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Three ways to failure-proof your business in 2018

If you plan on starting a business in the year 2018 or have one established already, there are some important questions you might want to consider. Some are: what you're going to do to stand out from the crowd; how you'll manage your revenue enough to ensure you don't fall into any debt; how you'll ensure your products and services are topnotch; how you'll ensure your employees are putting in their best to achieve the company's growth, and many others.
It’s okay to have recorded some breakdowns and losses in the year 2017, however, you should make 2018 your starting point for an endless success record in your business.

Outlined below are three ways you can achieve a success record and failure-proof your business in 2018.

1. Lead with your heart, not your head

You’ve probably been running business throughout 2017, leading with your head, trying to make sure everything makes financial sense, else it’s counted as a loss. If that business transaction isn’t done within a specific period of time, you count it as a failure and refuse to acknowledge the efforts your employees put into making it successful.

Moves like this only kill their productivity because they don’t feel appreciated.

Sometimes it’s okay for things to take longer than expected as long as you’re getting the expected result. If you’re driving two hours just to deliver that box of chocolate to your customer and on getting there you’re not appreciated, instead they just complain about how poor the delivery service is, the next reaction is not to complain, just apologize and tell them you hope they enjoy the chocolate.

Yes, driving two hours just to deliver a box of chocolate doesn’t seem like a financially sound move because time is money, however, if you lead with your heart, you’ll realize that satisfying one customer is better than having one disgruntled customer who’ll probably tell ten other people about how bad your services are.

2. Less talking, more listening

Most people want to voice their opinion – which is not an entirely bad thing. However, they keep voicing their opinion that they forget to listen. According to Patrick Mackaronis, learning is imbibed in the art of listening – not talking.

To have a topnotch customer service you have to do more listening than talking. Your customers will always have something to complain about and it’s only through this means – feedback – you’ll learn the faults of your brand and work on ways to make it better.

It’s by listening to your employees either through a one-on-one encounter or through a general meeting that you understand the cause of the delay on that project or why that person is not capable of taking on that duty you assigned to them.

Learn the art of listening and you’ll be surprised at how your success record will skyrocket in 2018.

3. Slow and steady

Most entrepreneurs believe that any investment they make should yield a return as quickly as possible. Many don’t believe in the “slow and steady wins the race” kind of talk, they believe that investing time and energy for a later payoff is a slow move.

However, success takes time. Getting to know and understand your customers takes time. Knowing the ins and outs of your industry takes time. Most business moves that would give the greatest results take time. It really is a long game that requires patience. To build a successful business record you have to be willing to be very patient.

There will be times when business wouldn’t be rosy and everything would seem like you’re not doing enough, what then do you do at that time? Have patience! Take time to figure out where the fault might be, fix it and get back on track again. Failure to do that will result in total failure of the business – exactly what we’re trying to avoid in 2018.

There are lots of other ways through which you can failure-proof your business in the year 2018. List all the mistakes you have made in your business, especially in 2017, examine them and how they came to be, then work on converting each into a strength, so they don’t happen some other time.

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