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Vodafone Global wants your BIG IDEA

LONDON, UK: Idea Bounty, the South-African-based online crowd sourcing community, has loaded a cracker of a brief with a sizeable reward in the form of a brief for international telecommunications giant Vodafone Global - and the winning idea will be worth US$10 000 - that's about R70 000.
Vodafone Global is calling for a big Iidea to underpin the international activations of their F1 sponsorship, and turned to local Cape Town-based crowd sourcing operation, Idea Bounty for the idea.

Vodafone Global needs a strong concept that will turbo-charge their sponsorship of the Formula 1 McLaren Mercedes team, officially known since 2007 as the company McLaren Mercedes team. Having renewed the sponsorship this year, the company is looking to generate a new sense of energy and fun for both the Vodafone brand and F1 racing by making the sport and the sponsor more entertaining and accessible.

Bring it closer

Vodafone has briefed the Idea Bounty community to come up with an idea that will bring F1 and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes closer to the man on the street. By turning to crowd sourcing to get the idea, Vodafone is staying true to their slogan, Power To You, giving the crowd (in this case the 19 000 registered creative types in the Idea Bounty community) the power to direct the new course that the company takes in their F1 sponsorship campaigns.

Vodafone has both the money and the will to take Formula 1 racing to a new audience and are looking forward to new and original ideas on how to maximise this potential and position the ordinary individual in the centre of all their sponsorship deals.

Crowd sourcing is now an established and cost-effective way of generating great campaign ideas and activations, and South African company Idea Bounty has been leading both the theory and the practice of crowd sourcing brand and marketing ideas in South Africa and abroad.

Says Dan Neville, MD of Idea Bounty, "All of the ingredients are here for a remarkable, game-changing campaign. The client is a telecommunications provider with influence and a global footprint, the beneficiary is a sport that verges on a cult, and the idea generating mechanism is one that leverages social media and the crowd to promote the potent combination even before the fire cracker idea exists."

Closing date for entries is 27 March 2011.

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