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It's appreciation time!

The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) celebrated its annual Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, 30 November 2012. The purpose of the event was to thank all those people who have contributed to TSiBA's success over the past year and it was hosted by two TSiBA graduates, Kim Hickley and Mkhuseli Ngcube. Invited guests included sponsors, donors, mentors, lecturers, interns, volunteers and other non-profit organisations that TSiBA works with. It was held in TSiBA's auditorium at the TSiBA campus in Pinelands, Cape Town.
Guests were welcomed by the beautiful sounds of a marimba band. The event began with six of TSiBA's 2012 Leadership and Self Development (LSD) students giving an inspirational talk on Social Change. The students have recently published an e-book entitled It Starts with Me. Containing the secrets of success, it shares the stories of inspired youth and is intended for young people of all ages who believe they can make a difference and want to ensure they live their dreams. The book was compiled by second year LSD students together with their lecturer, Ruth Mattison and three professionals - writer, Jenny Ibbotson, editor, Kristina Davidson and book designer, Petal Palmer.

Next up it was appreciation time as various people were celebrated and thanked for their contributions this year. The audience was then asked to break up into groups of five and each group tackled some thought-provoking questions, including "What gives you hope for the future and why?" and "What can you do more of to make a positive contribution towards the future in South Africa?" Answers to these questions were written up and then put up around the room for guests to read at the end of the event. The overwhelmingly positive answers really contributed to the spirit and energy in the room.

TSiBA Marketing Co-ordinator (and graduate) who organised the event, Ntombiza Lingani, expressed her feelings, "It's amazing to work for an organisation that truly appreciates the efforts of those involved in its successes and also to see so many TSiBA students - both past and present - at the event." Adri Marais, TSiBA CEO, also had something to say, "I think that sometimes we are so busy that we forget to say the little things that really make a difference. Hosting this annual event gives everyone some insight into what TSiBA does and how everyone's contributions are so great and how much we appreciate all the hard work that everyone puts in to make TSiBA the special place it is."

TSiBA is an innovative business school that is based in the Western Cape. TSiBA was founded in 2004 as a not for profit company and is registered and fully accredited with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution. Students are not required to pay for their education monetarily, but rather to "Pay it Forward" by transferring the knowledge, skills and resources that they gain at TSiBA into their communities. In this way, TSiBA's vision of "Igniting Opportunity" is realised.

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TSiBA Education
The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) is a unique private, not for profit business school that helps people who cannot access opportunities to jump ahead in life.