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Universities select PocketMedia to make students feel at home

While first-year university students are about to embark on one of the most exciting and enjoyable phases of their life, this is probably the first time that they will be living away from home and they are thus faced with many uncertainties that can make the process stressful and daunting.
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To ensure a smooth transition on their journey, many universities have opted to use a Z-CARD® and other PocketMedia® applications to provide their customers - first-year students, Grade 12 learners and other prospective students - with all the information that they need to know about the facility. The University of Fort Hare, for example, targeted Grade 12 learners with a Z-CARD® which provided them with a 'gateway to the future' guide to the university.

Universities are a business and thus need to attract and delight their customers - the students. The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, for example, used a Z-CARD® for nine consecutive years to attract students and provide them with information about its undergraduate course offerings and other information.

Once universities have their customers' attention they need to communicate various information about the university to them - from the application process to a timeline of what needs to be done when. Once accepted, students need information about registration which usually takes place online so that students can avoid long queues. It's still essential, however, to guide first-time customers through the process just the like University of Johannesburg did.

Once on campus, students need information about the university's computer systems, apps, student wellness, campus layout and a timetable of when and where their classes take place. The University of Johannesburg also provided its students with a compact information guide about the university and a timetable on which they could write down their weekly class schedule.

The orientation process can also be daunting for first year students. Wits University thus utilised a Z-CARD® as an exciting orientation programme and Wits Language School made foreign students feel at home with an informative Z-CARD® about the country and the facility.

Other universities that have made use of PocketMedia® in the past include Stellenbosch University, North West University, University of the Free State, Rhodes, University of Cape Town, Tshwane University of Technology and Unisa.

"To date, over five-million Z-CARD®s have been produced for educational institutions across South Africa," confirms John Davis, the MD of PocketMedia® Solutions.

These include university campus maps and information, student discipline procedures, exam survival guides, guides to the first-year orientation process, and even bursary and faculty information.

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PocketMedia® Solutions DNA

PocketMedia® Solutions offers clients a range of opportunities to get their message across in an effective, interesting, compact and unusual way. PocketMedia® breaks through the usual marketing clutter by providing complex information in a concise, accessible form which is designed to be carried "on person". For example, the Z-CARD® and other PocketMedia® applications are a great alternative to traditional printed media and are available in a range of sizes and formats. Visit for more information.

Posted on 8 Jul 2014 08:36

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