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Top-notch copy is a marketer's most powerful tool

Marketing budgets are always tight, and most brands are moving towards minimum resources working for maximum impact. Easy to achieve with the right skills, powerful copywriting is the key to ensuring cost-effective optimisation of your marketing campaign.
At first glance, this might seem like a simple exercise. But, writing copy has become a more complex undertaking, as digital campaigns require copy for a variety of mediums and audiences. Traditional marketers are forced to ditch their former ideas around copywriting, and take on a more engaging, softer approach to get their message across.

This shift to an added-value approach to marketing is strongly influenced by the change in Google's algorithms. Getting your online marketing material to rank on Google means ensuring that the content on your site is original and appropriate. We have already seen generic sales-focused copy being sorted to the bottom of the pile, replaced with copy intended for the human reader. Great copy also has a direct impact on sales through improved email marketing efforts, increased conversions from landing pages, and increased engagement on social media channels.

When it comes to finding cost-effective ways to improve marketing efforts, copy is an obvious starting point. Even if you have a generous advertising budget, increasing the quality rather than the quantity of your content copy is an easy way to boost your ROI.

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Naama Oren
Excellent article. It does raise the question regarding whether enough quality copywriters are being employed to provide content, or whether content is being farmed out to anyone who passed high school English.
Posted on 27 Feb 2014 09:13