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Demand for skilled project managers as high as the expectations

Project management has become an increasingly popular career choice for marketing, advertising and media professionals in recent years. Yet the high demand comes with equally high expectations. Click here for an infographic on the current demand for project management skills in South Africa.

The rise of project management in marketing and media

Digital developments and the integration of marketing and technology have been key drivers behind the rise in the demand for project administrators and project managers in the industry in recent years. This is because marketers and advertisers are starting to adopt project management approaches that stems from industries like Information Technology. Due to an initial shortage of people with marketing and media, digital and project management skills, the barriers to entry for these positions are relatively low. Experience in the relevant area, combined with a thorough understanding of project management methodology was generally sufficient to become a project administrator or junior project manager.

However, there is a clear increase in the demand for project managers with advanced skills, who have the ability to go beyond mere methodology in their approach to implementing complex projects successfully. We see more of the softer skills such as negotiation, conflict management and change management coming through in these roles, as well as the requirement of project managers to be able to effectively manage projects within the context of the business, therefore having advanced strategic abilities. According to Tim Wasserman, program director of the Stanford University Advanced Project Management program, "The ability to convert strategy into action is the emerging skill of our time."

Up for the challenge?

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