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Fabric tension display - The solution for your next expo

Even in our digital day and age, exhibitions remain an effective promotional and sales tool where businesses are able to interact with clients directly and create conversion. Brands aiming for maximum visual appeal, whilst remaining sustainable during repeat large-format indoor events, will find it difficult to look beyond the modularity and environmentally-friendly benefits FSD (Full Stretch Display) delivers in terms of fabric tension display solutions. FSD utilises recyclable aluminium and ABS injection moulded components and recommend printing with eco-friendly inks onto recyclable polyester fabrics to create visually-appealing, re-useable displays.
Some tips for your next exhibition:

  • Are you focusing on a promotion or are you launching a new product? Exhibition spaces are often expensive and it is important to achieve a good return on investment at these events. Identify your goals upfront. The FSD system incorporates flat screen TVs, sales counters, brochure holders and various other solutions in order to promote sales.

  • Find out as much as possible about the space you have booked, including where it is on the expo floor, what kind of other exhibits will be around it, whether it is located in a high traffic or low traffic area, and the physical conditions of the booth space, such as lighting. Overhead hanging logo signs and banners offer excellent exposure for your brand, even at the busiest expo or convention hall environment. Visible from long distances in any convention hall, hanging signs and structures are making a huge comeback on the expo floor, as well as in retail and auto dealer showrooms. FSD also offers various lighting options to illuminate your brand.

  • Create a stand that will draw potential customers and be interesting enough to engage them. Think neatness and visibility. The FSD solution is completely tool-less, offering you portability and ease of setup without sacrificing style and brand presence. With wide format printing the brand message is often seamless and uncluttered.

  • Combine walls of any length with towers of any shape, service counters and booths to create the environment and experience your customers will feel at home in.

    Well-known premium brands, including (amongst others) Vodacom, Google, HP and Adidas have utilised our unique solution to promote their brand. Our system is transported in lightweight wheel bags, containing separate compartments. Using our engineered system is extremely cost effective as the initial investment in the hardware delivers its return on investment time after time. The system can be adapted every time for new use by simply changing the print.

    The reasons most often quoted by our satisfied customers for choosing the FSD Fabric Tensioning System are:
    • Easy to erect and ready to merchandise in a short period of time;
    • ensures prime exposure for your brand;
    • tool-less environment, decreasing onsite manual labour costs;
    • minimises the logistics, drayage and other transport costs;
    • ability to communicate a consistent look and brand message;
    • seamless prints, ensuring focus on the brand message and not the system
    • greater flexibility with interchangeable print options enabling you to adjust your brand message to suit your current marketing strategy;
    • flexible reconfiguration options and easier thematic changes;
    • ensures effective space usage and environmental sustainability.
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    Posted on 28 Feb 2013 17:00

    FSD's press office

    Full Stretch Display is a South African owned company that designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes a patented tensioning display system throughout Southern Africa, exporting to Australia, UK and the USA.