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Fascinate, be different and be irreplaceable

A large percentage of the people on this planet secretly or openly crave to be's natural. The human mind gets tired of's tedious, grey and predictable. "The human brain gets excited or reacts to external stimuli. Our reactions to the inherent feelings of fear, awe and elatedness 'excite' the brain, resulting in reactions that are strongly identified with" says Sachin P on As an organisation that has spent thousands and sometimes millions of precious money exhibiting at a tradeshow or exhibition, how would you prefer to be remembered or identified in the mind of an ordinary 21st century consumer?

  1. Fascinate
    Innovation stems from a fearless attitude; it is the result of unobstructed creativity fuelled by an objective. Something fresh and new is easily detected, and the brain is often forced to take a minute to analyse the new object and conclude whether it's worth exploring or not. A line item that should be added to each exhibitor's exhibition stand design checklist: Will my exhibition stand design attract the attention of my targeted audience from the other side of the hall?

    A fascinating exhibition stand design involves much more than gimmicky and wild attractions, according to Marlys Arnold from Trade Show Insights, it's about delivering value and having a signature difference that sets you apart from all the noise. No matter how great your message, if you fail to connect with your audience, no one will listen. You have to fascinate them.

    Research and get in touch with a reputable and reliable exhibition stand designer and project manager, communicate your exhibition objectives, message, vision and budget, and let them assist you.

  2. Be different
    "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different" - Coco Chanel

    Just before you brief your exhibition stand designer, research what appeals to you as an individual, consult your colleagues and seniors on what type of elements they would like to see on the stand, visit a design conference, discuss exhibition stand trends with your stand designer and keep your company corporate identity in mind.

    Once you have the design figured out, focus on your message. Derive pre-show and post-show campaign strategies; think about stand staff, give-aways, lead capturing methods and substance. What are you doing differently? What will set you apart from your competitors?

  3. Be irreplaceable
    "When you discover how to truly fascinate your audience, all distractions melt away and you become impossible to ignore".

    After the show has concluded, ensure that you, and the rest of your colleagues, maintain the attitude you boasted on your exhibition stand during the show. Deliver on your brand promise, and maintain frequent communication with your targeted audience. Immediately after the show, ensure that you follow up with ALL your leads, strengthen their confidence in your organisation, and give them reason to believe that you are indeed, irreplaceable.
"You will not win by being invisible. Today, you will win by being seen and remembered." - Sally Hogshead
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    - Why You Must Become More Fascinating - by Marlys Arnold

Posted on 10 Jul 2014 10:48

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