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Exhibition design inspiration

Issued by: SSQ Exhibitions | 26 Jun 2014 13:42
"Design inspiration can come from anywhere, be it the cleverly designed coffee mug you drink your morning coffee from, to the innovatively creative website you visited whilst surfing the net, the new high-rise downtown, to the archway detail of your local restaurant. We are always surrounded by design, it is everywhere, and the best way to be inspired by it is to be open to it. Immerse yourself in the functionality and flow of daily living, keep your mind and eyes open to these things and they will be a constant source of inspiration." - Murray Strauss, Head of Design at SSQ Exhibitions

People look at the word "design" from various perspectives when trying to define the term, but according to the book, Design Management, by Kathryn Best, design describes both the process of making things (designing) and the product of this process (a design). The activity of designing is a user-centred, problem-solving process. Design links creativity and innovation.

Exhibition designers, like any other specialised designers, retain a passion and continuously evolving understanding of the exhibition industry and its publics. Each exhibition design presented by a designer should, as mentioned above, provide sustaining solutions that create functionality whilst simultaneously complementing the Clients' exhibition vision and objectives. Exhibition designers create their designs based on the following important factors:
  • The Clients' existing company corporate identity and culture
  • The concentrated message the Client would like to communicate at the exhibition or trade show
  • The Client brief, incorporating objectives and vision
  • Client Budget
  • The activities to be engaged in on the Client exhibition stand
  • The nature of the exhibition or trade show
  • And the latest technological and social trends
A detailed understanding of the above factors, pooled with creativity and innovation, provide the ingredients for a captivating exhibition stand, and irreplaceable exhibition experience.

As a part of an organisation that specialises in targeted brand experiences, our design SSQuad is highly skilled and readily available to create and present exquisite designs that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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SSQ Exhibitions is a design and project management agency that specializes in targeted brand experiences including: Exhibition stands, mall displays, sets and stages, road shows, activations and permanent interiors.
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