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Light up your display with LEDs

Marin's Southern Africa is thrilled to launch the new Lighting Lama - continuing to bring all the bespoke benefits of the original Lama display to the retail environment, but with the exciting addition of LED lighting.
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The recent launch of the Lighting Lama saw massive success with Royal Canin as the very first client to use the tailored display to its advantage. Watch the short video clip of the lights in action here.

The addition of the lights does not affect the ease of setting up the display - the Lama display is set up in the same way with or without the lights, and remains fully customisable according to your size and functionality requirements. The lights flick on and off and are battery operated with the LEDS assembled within the unit. The layout and flashing frequency of the lights can also be personalised to suit requirements. The LED lights are available in white, blue, red and green.

The battery life of the LEDs is approximately four to six weeks, although they have can to last up to six months depending on the configuration and the chosen battery pack.

The Lighting Lama offers an electrifying addition to the original Lama display - one that is guaranteed to illuminate any product display. Get in touch with us today and light up your display!

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Marin's Southern Africa
Marin's is an International company, initially established in France and the 'LAMà was designed and patented by Monsieur Francois L'Hotel.