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Marin's and the Lama: The POS display solution for your brand

Today's shopper is constantly on the lookout for the most 'stand-out' brand - There are so many products to choose from that the shopper often gets confused or merely sticks to the same brand. Enter the Lama - a unique cardboard POS display system designed to make your brand stand head and shoulders above all others (literally), if that's what you're looking for. The display is fully customisable and opens automatically to the appropriate dimensions, allowing the print and material to be optimised. The worldwide patented system was created by Marin's in response to customer's requests in 1997, and has proven success in promoting clients' brands and products over and over again.
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Marin's Lama offers a wide range of products, from counter displays to three metre-high columns. The product is easily customisable with additional graphic options, die cuts, lug-on and leaflet dispensers. Each kit combines space saving, fast installation and brand enhancement to grab the shopper's attention and boost their interaction with the promoted product. Marin's happily provides expert advice on choosing the best solution from the Lama range, and the company's research and development team is ready to tackle your bespoke requirements.

Some immediate references from clients:
  • Thank you for the amazing Jockey lamas received today. I showed them to our retail department and we will definitely be taking more next year for our stores
    I am bowled over with your professionalism and efficiency, it's been a pleasure dealing with you all...

  • Hope you are well. I got an email from HQ last week to find out what kind of service you guys give us and if I am happy with your products! ☺ I of course told them you are the best thing since sliced bread. Sharika

  • I can assure you - having worked with the team on very large projects in a previous life - the dedication is always constant - they treat once offs and huge orders with the same level of excellence and service...

The Environment

Marin's is exceedingly concerned about the environment, and takes great care to ensure that its production processes are environmentally friendly. The Lama is made of easy to sort and recyclable materials such as paper and natural latex. PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest) certified origin of cardboard ensures efficient supply chain thanks to optimised dimensions, and the foldable, light and compact nature of the product minimises greenhouse gas emissions during transport.

The Range

The Lama range consists of practically every shape and size; from tube to square to elliptical and even pyramid shapes, ranging from 30 - 240cm in size. The Lama maximises visibility by going taller and wider.

The Lama range includes:
  • A hanging range
  • Table set-ups
  • Kiosks that works especially well during car promotions
  • Rings which are extremely effective as exhibition stands
  • Gondolas
  • Bins - such as those used for wrapping paper
  • The TX range which is ideal for light and medium loads
  • Case wrappers
  • Cascading stands
  • Cargo which is well suited to heavier loads
  • 3-Dimensional accessories
  • The Lama Crown - wrap around extension
  • Product replicas - with an optional personal die cut
  • Counter units
  • Americubes (e.g. ballot box)
  • Lama stand with hooks/catalogue dispenser/gravity feed
  • Lama stand with shelves/take bag hooks/CD and DVD tray
All these options are fully customisable according to size requirements and fold completely flat.

Download the full brochure here. [PDF; 4MB]

Get in touch today to find out how the Lama can boost your brand:

Call Marins on 0861 627467

Or visit the showroom in Bryanston.

Marin's Southern Africa's press office

Marin's Southern Africa
Marin's is an International company, initially established in France and the 'LAMà was designed and patented by Monsieur Francois L'Hotel.