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The great and mighty Burger King is here!

Yes, the rumours have been flying around for months and now the time has finally come - Burger King has arrived... only in Cape Town for now, but arrived nonetheless.
So, what does this mean for the quick service industry? It is reported to mean many things. The presence of Burger King is said to have the potential to shake things up and will definitely make a difference to consumers, if not the franchise industry as a whole, according to the FASA executive director, Vera Valasis. The extra competition will further develop growth opportunities for existing and future quick service brands looking to compete in the market.

And what does this mean in terms of branding and brand experiences? Well, that largely remains to be seen, but a quick look at their South African website shows us that "Burger King is there for you". That's the brand promise. They state openly and affirmatively that their customers are KING. Their tone also aligns very well with their brand promise of customer service. They are all about pleasing their customers. They're the friend who never lets you down, the one who always arrives with chocolate or wine when you need it most. With a focus squarely on customer service, it can only help their brand and, if they continuously engage their consumers in positive experiences, they will build consumer relationships solidly and quickly to form a successful brand for long-term sustainability in South Africa. Positive brand experiences, especially relating to customer service, are desperately needed in South Africa and will be a definite differentiator and motivator for competitors in the market.

So, welcome, Burger King. For now we are convinced and excited - we await our positive brand experiences, do us proud.

The Brand Union is a global branding agency with over 500 people across 23 offices, some of whom are constantly exposed to Burger King and some who are eagerly awaiting the exposure. We specialise in strategy, design, environmental design, engagement and brand experiences. For more, contact Ricardo Gressel on .

Posted on 9 May 2013 11:45

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The Brand Union is a global brand agency, comprising over 500 people across 23 offices. We believe that the experience of the brand is the brand. We create tangible, integrated, holistic brand experiences which create multiple positive moments of interaction for brand users.