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A tale of note: Joe Public helps Nedbank's customers see money differently

Joe Public has completed a new brand repositioning for Nedbank titled “See money differently”. It launched at Design Indaba last week, aired during Carte Blanche and was released onto social media platforms just 24 hours ago. Joe Public ECD Roanna Williams comments on how the general SA public is responding.
‘See money differently’ with Nedbank is all about the consumers, not the brand, and about changing their behaviour with money.

It’s about seeing money for the potential it has, because money well managed can make a real difference to achieving your goals and building a relationship with your money starts with a simple conversation.

The new ad, ‘Tale of note’, supports the bank’s new promise, as Williams adds: “South Africa is one of the worst savings' nations in the world. As part of their repositioning in the market, Nedbank used this insight to create a commercial that exposes people to the fact that money is neither good nor bad, but rather your behaviour that defines it.

“The 'Tale of note' is a compelling story about the different sides of money. It’s a brave and progressive idea that makes you think and re-evaluate your relationship with money.”

The ad is embedded below, in case you've not yet seen it:

It is already receiving a positive response as it has formed an emotional connection with consumers. In some comments across Joe Public and Nedbank’s Twitter, Facebook and YouTube social media platforms, customers have already commented that they love the location, visuals and the concept behind the entire ad:

Click through to Ann Nurock’s feedback on the brand repositioning launch live at Design Indaba last week and follow Nedbank, Joe Public and the #SeeMoneyDifferently hashtag on Twitter for the latest updates.

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