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Digitally printed plastic tablecloths

Never underestimate the importance of branding accessories (event extras) to complement your exhibition stand. When the right items are used in conjunction with existing branding, they have the ability to drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your display stand. Just as jewellery complements and enhances a woman's natural beauty, the same applies to branding.
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The digitally printed plastic tablecloth is a very good example of a high visual impact branding accessory. Its large printable surface area offers a substantial branding opportunity at a very low cost. You may have budgeted for the larger branding items such as gazebos, exhibition stands and banner walls. Perhaps you're of the opinion that the additional items will simply break the bank. The good news is, a product like a reusable branded tablecloth is by far one of the least expensive branding accessories on the market. The physical size and visual impact of such an item provides the greatest value for money.

Our reusable digitally printed plastic table cloths are custom printed using UV resistant ink. They are custom printed with artwork of your choice and are suitable for all types of events, including instore promotions and food and beverage launches. The substrate is white one-sided coated 80 micron LDPE 1000mm (Low Density Poly Ethylene Film). The benefit of plastic over fabric? Plastic is easy to clean - simply wipe!

Our customers will be well aware that we regularly run special offers on selected products. This product is subject to the same "special treatment". Give us a call, email us or visit our website for more details.


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