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The power of the influencer within a retail environment

Issued by: KnowHow2 | 18 Jul 2014 09:16
Increasing your sales and promotional teams' reach and revenue without increasing headcount
Brand champions, advocates, promoters, ambassadors, custodians and influencers - everyone is talking about them, and all brands want more of them in order to drive business growth. In this digital age with "word of mouth" having taken on a whole new format through social media and share-ability, many businesses are looking into effective ways of converting employees to brand advocates and customers to influencers, with the main objective of improving their net promoter score.

The net promoter methodology was introduced by Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review article One Number You Need to Grow. Essentially it is a new way of measuring business success and growth through customer loyalty.

A key method of increasing this score is to look at internal and external resources such as employees or customers that have a positive relationship with the brand, and then leveraging their potential to influence future customers through sharing opinions, posting articles, writing reviews and sharing relevant content.

This type of influencer marketing predominantly takes place within the digital space, although by definition it does not only apply to the digital world. Very few companies are leveraging this fact and looking to their current offline infrastructures and experiential marketing activities to identify opportunities and assess quick-wins which are relatively easy to attain when it comes to effective influencer marketing.

Seeing retail sales staff, company representatives and promotional staff as key influencer marketers has great potential to improve net promoter scores when applied to an activation or sales-type scenario where employees can interact directly with consumers. and due to this, has significant power to influence a conversion. They do however need to be well equipped with the right skills and knowledge of the brand and product in order to adequately fill the role of an influencer.

A common challenge experienced by many companies is the actual training and education of sales employees and promoters in order to equip them with knowledge of the brand, product and skills to represent and influence effectively. Sales teams are often large and widespread across different regions and so completing training with limited resources becomes a mammoth task for one or two trainers who need to travel to the various regions which can make the task extremely costly. In addition, the sales teams needs to spend a day or two out of the field attending the training sessions, which is bound to have an impact on sales.

E-learning as a form of training, which mitigates these challenges, is certainly on the rise. It is a medium that has been actively used in the UK for all forms of company, promotional and sales training for quite sometime. Due to the success that it has seen in the UK, e-learning has started to be used more frequently as an effective platform for training of key sales staff with the main objective of increasing sales.

At KnowHow2 we are aiming to facilitate similar online training in the South African market to that which is offered in the UK through introducing our e-learning system for brands that effectively influences the influencer.

KnowHow2 helps businesses optimize the conversion opportunity in sales, retail and promotional environments by correctly training and equipping sales employees with the correct product information and skill to accurately represent the brand and to influence sales positively.

It is an e-learning system developed to train, track and evaluate sales and promotional employees. "We understand that equipping individuals with the relevant brand and product knowledge not only empowers them to perform at their best and ensures that the brand is represented in a positive and enhancing manner, but allows them to actively influence a sale as opposed to simply promote a product," says Camille Urban, Marketing and Business Manager KnowHow2. "After all, it is a well-known fact that salesmen and women are far more confident selling a brand or product that they know a lot about versus one they have little knowledge on - as it makes their job easier."

At KnowHow2, we believe that the greatest influence you can have on a consumer is at the point of purchase, where through confident sales employees, a brand can engage directly with consumers and encourage product trial, and potentially a purchase. In addition, sales employees assist in creating a positive association to the brand, which can have a strong impact on possible future purchases.

Essentially, at KnowHow2, through correct training and product education, we turn sales employees and promoters into effective influencers - thereby increasing reach and revenue without increasing headcount.

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Company profile:

KnowHow2 is e-learning for brands. We offer an e-learning program developed to assist with the training of sales staff and promoters that engage with customers on behalf of a brand.

It is a fledgling, subsidiary business of Angle Orange - an entrepreneurial business that, over the years, has grown and evolved from a point of sale design studio to a full service shopper-marketing agency today.

KnowHow2's press office

KnowHow2 is e-learning for brands. We offer an e-learning program developed to assist with the training of sales staff and promoters that engage with customers on behalf of a brand.
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