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Trends for mobile marketing

Five trends in mobile advertising
Mobile advertising is very different from any other type of advertising, and it requires a specific approach. How can advertisers use mobile ads to get the best results? How to increase the chances of success in mobile advertising? Here are a few tips.

Location is the new context

One of the main advantages of mobile advertising is the opportunity to reach potential customers directly. When an ad is relevant to current location consumers will respond more positively. This makes location-based advertising, the perfect opportunity for brands and agencies to interact with the desired target audience.

Rich Media DIY

Advertisers find the mobile standard ads such as the 300x50 banners to become more ineffective quickly. Making attractive and elegant rich media ads is very popular. Implementing rich media campaigns is a complex and time consuming process for advertising agencies and brands. To build mobile campaigns for tablets and smart phones on a variety of operating systems that support touch screen gestures is a challenge. Companies and Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques that make this easier in 2013 will gain ground considerably.

Mobile ad management less time consuming with MRAID

Ad Management of mobile ads is complex. Fortunately, this process became a lot clearer after the introduction of MRAID 2.0. Thanks to MRAID 2.0 advertisers can implement rich media ads in mobile apps. The increase in the use of SDKs (software development kit) for mobile ads also helps make the process less time consuming.

Mobile video

Consumers are overwhelmingly electing to consume content on their mobile devices, and the opportunity for brands to complement their media buys with mobile video advertising is huge. With the rise of online video consumption, it is predicted that mobile video will develop rapidly in the coming years. Video plays an increasingly important role in the mobile market. The implementation of standards for mobile video ads will also ensure better prices. If this is well organised it will be much easier for advertisers to show their video ads. It is important for video ad management to take into account the different sizes of the screen and connection speed to give users a good viewing experience. Mobile video ads are highly interactive and highly scalable medium.

Mobile Tracking

With the introduction in iOS comes the new Apple Advertiser Identifier (IDFA). This will enable advertisers and publishers to have more accurate frequency capping and post-click conversion tracking on mobile phones. The random and unique code that is shared by the device across apps can be deleted or opted-out by a user if they wish, just like a cookie. More and more people upgrade to the new iOS 6 operating system and the adoption rate is about 75% right now. Consumers have the option to opt out of being tracked. Behavioral targeting in mobile without using personally identifiable information is now available.

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