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#MobileRocks South Africa Part 2 - The mobile audience

Part 2 of the AMPS Mobile Report released by Silverstone and the MMA SA
Tomi Ahonen famously called mobile the seventh Mass Media. In SA, mobile is first in mass media, says Raymond Buckle, CEO of Silverstone and MMA EMEA Board Director.

Mobile allows access to 97% of the SA adult audience, but there are different access segments that require a unique approach for marketing and advertising. At Silverstone, we believe in mobile-first marketing - whether it is supporting or leading an integrated communication strategy, or used in a stand-alone campaign. To do it successfully requires an understanding of the mobile audience - who they are and how they engage through their phones and tablets.

Part 2 of the #MobileRocks Silverstone MMA SA Review of AMPS 2014 report series, deals with the audience, their core profiles and demographics based on the channel they engage through.

The report reveals very interesting insights to SA tablet users and there are some really cool stats and infographics. We've also included an opportunity guide and media planning cheat sheets per segment.

"This AMPS report illustrates to brand stakeholders how crucial it is to have mobile as the centrepiece of your brand strategy." Says Chair for the MMA, Nicolle Harding. "Mobile is the most pervasive medium in South Africa and one can no longer ignore the importance of knowing how to reach an audience using innovative mobile opportunities."

If you have questions about this report, the MMA or would like to explore how to effectively incorporate mobile into your marketing mix, please get in touch.

Get the #MobileRocks Report:

Follow the link here to access the second release of the full report, It's free to download on as long as you share #MobileRocks

Editorial contact
Raymond Buckle, Group CEO, Silverstone

Nicolle Harding, Chair, MMA

Holly Jade Wiggill

Mobile Marketing Association's press office