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Buying electricity and airtime just became much easier!

The long-awaited and much anticipated mobile app, by Prepaid24, was officially launched on the 9th of July 2014. Prepaid24 is the online partner of JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms Limited, the largest reseller of physical prepaid vouchers in South Africa.

"As leaders in what we do, Blue Label is excited about technological developments. We have been following the growth of Prepaid24 closely over the past four years. An app that enables users to recharge electricity and airtime, and do this for up to 50 devices simultaneously, is definitely a first." - Mark Levy (Joint CEO Blue Label)

"Our main aim was to develop a mobile app which really adds value to users of prepaid electricity and airtime," says Ben Lindeque, Business Architect of Prepaid24. "The planning, development and refinement of this mobile app was meticulously done over the last 18 months. Features such as reminders to purchase electricity and airtime, information on the tariff structure of your local municipality and the facility to view your electricity consumption graphically, are all pertinent to any prepaid user. The Prepaid24 app provides access to all of these features and more."

The most innovative feature of the Prepaid24 app is probably its patented "Emergency Electricity" Tokens. This feature allows users to buy Emergency Electricity™ Tokens which are kept in a virtual safe on the app - unlike regular tokens which are sent to the client via e-mail or SMS.

"More than 90% of our support queries originate from clients running out of electricity while their municipality's vending system is off-line. When this happens, there is nothing any vendor (reseller) can do to assist a client with his or her purchase. This obviously leads to situations where blame-shifting ends up pointing to the 'prepaid system' as the perceived culprit.

"With this in mind, we set out to find a solution and so the facility to provide Emergency Electricity™ Tokens was born. All that needs to be done to retrieve your token is to log into your app profile from any mobile device. Even your neighbour's cell phone will do. In the event of that dreaded 2am electricity emergency, the Prepaid24 app user can literally pick up his mobile, retrieve the token and punch it into his meter.

"It is our belief that the ability to access Emergency Electricity™ when needed, will restore the faith in the prepaid system which clients and consumers may have lost over the years - having arrived at shops often only to hear those dreaded words: 'Your municipality/Eskom is off-line'," Lindeque concludes.

The app is currently available in the SA iTunes store as well as in the Google store for Android users. Alternatively, Blackberry and Window device users can download the web app at

Prepaid24 can be contacted on through their 24-7 Live Online Support facility powered by PP24Seven.

Vanessa Olsen
A most innovative service. The "emergency token" also offers peace of mind for its clients, not to mention the convenience of not having to go out to buy prepaid electricity at inconvenient times. The system is secure, in that is allows its clients to have total control of their own purchases, and the fact that there is a 24hour live support centre available to handle queries, is no mean feat in today's business environment. Prepaid24 has certainly set an impressive benchmark in the prepaid electricity industry.
Posted on 25 Jul 2014 15:08