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Using mobile and tablet applications to innovate your business

Both our business and social lives have become intertwined with mobile technology. Within the skeleton of our smartphones is an entire world of our personal information, images, news and more! Such devices have evolved to the extent that children playing mobile games, teens sharing their travel pictures and businessmen engaging in online transactions are equally satisfied. These applications have become second nature to us, taking over our daily interactions! Therefore many companies and tech-savvy entrepreneurs seek or turn to applications in hope that they may simplify their business activity.
Although such technologies are popping up faster than daisies, the majority of applications out there are created to meet general requirements that appeal to a wide consumer group. Since we are often overwhelmed with the options presented to us, wouldn't it be great if we could get an app tailored to our business needs?
Well, a convenient solution exists! iShack Digital Consultancy is a game-changer in innovative mobile and tablet business solutions through the development of applications, which has revolutionised businesses that benefit from such apps.

For example, Pharma Dynamics wanted to be at the cutting edge of technology but their sales process was outdated at the time. iShack developed an specific Android-based application that each staff member could enjoy using on a Samsung Galaxy tablet. The app had a customised central CMS (content management system) enabling Pharma Dynamic's admin staff to manage sale aids for their products instantly and update all the sales reps in the field across South Africa, Nambia and Botswana.

iShack presented its adaptable, problem-solving capabilities when it partnered with Instant Space, South Africa's largest online commercial property portal. To solve the problem of decentralised and obsolete information, making property search an inefficient task, iShack developed a robust cross-platform software solution, giving Instant Space a constant head start in the competitive property market, with over 2000 commercial properties listed and instantly updated.

Furthermore, iShack identified the need for an immediate emergency notification app and so it developed Urgent Help, which allows users to send out multiple emergency alert messages to selected contacts, be it the police, fire department, family or friends with one touch.

Simply put, iShack has the technology, understanding and experience necessary to develop an application that can revolutionise your business, whatever the industry.

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iShack Digital Consultancy
iShack Digital is a consulting firm specializing in digital and social media strategy. With vast experience in online marketing, e-commerce, social buying, smartphone, mobile, social media platforms, viral video & audio production and tech venture capital.
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