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Urgent Help, your smart emergency app!

iShack Digital Consultancy launches ground-breaking Urgent Help app
It's set to become one of the most important mobile apps out there.

Unfortunately, South Africa continues to battle high levels of crime and making that emergency call has become a reality for so many of the country's citizens.

South Africa's crippling health service also means that there is no guarantee of a rapid response to a medical emergency using conventional SOS methods.

That's why iShack Digital's latest innovation called Urgent Help will break new ground.

iShack Digital Consultancy, a leader in digital consultancy and technology solutions, has developed the Urgent Help app to literally save lives.

The app allows you to alert the police, emergency services or a family member as to your predicament and whereabouts (GPS location).

With just three taps on your mobile screen you are able to alert the police, your security company or call an ambulance, while notifying your next of kin of your security or medical emergency.

In addition, Urgent Help offers a quick and effective solution to your standard SOS calls. Your nearest policeman, fireman or medical professional is just three taps away.

Urgent Help instantly sends your emergency contacts, your tailored alert message, as well as your GPS location to guarantee that you shave precious moments off the response time.

Next time when your stomach drops and you realise your life is under threat, remember help is just three taps away with Urgent Help.

How does Urgent Help work?

Step 1: Download the Urgent Help Application from the app store.?

Step 2: Sign in through Facebook or register directly with Urgent Help.?

Step 3: Add your emergency contacts.

Step 4: Create your customised emergency alert.

You can find Urgent Help on the Apple, IOS, Android and Google Play stores. Otherwise log on to

Do I need to sign up to a security firm?

No, you are not required to sign up to a security firm to access Urgent Help, however should you already be subscribed to a security firm, you can add their emergency number to the SOS options.

Do I need to sign up with a medical aid?

No, you are not required to sign up with a medical aid to access Urgent Help, however should you already have a medical aid, you can add their emergency number to the SOS options.

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