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#NewCampaign: Building brand Stellenbosch with #lovingStellenbosch tourism campaign

Stellenbosch 360 has launched the #lovingStellenbosch Tourism Campaign. Stellenbosch has evolved into one of South Africa's premier tourist destinations and has grown into one of the world's top food and wine destinations.

The town's attractions vary from its renowned wineries and restaurants to its rich legacy of magnificent Cape Dutch and other architecture, museums, art galleries, educational and neo-tech institutions, as well as its botanical gardens with some rare plant species. Furthermore, Stellenbosch has also gained momentum as a global destination for its world-class sports facilities and natural mountainous outdoor surroundings attracting reputed professional sports men and women and adventurers in disciplines such as athletics, rugby, swimming, biking, running, hiking and others.

The #lovingStellenbosch campaign acknowledges the importance of motivating and involving both local inhabitants and visitors in promoting and building brand Stellenbosch as a special and preferred tourist destination.

The #lovingStellenbosch strategy, devised by Stellenbosch 360 with the assistance of Hatch Communication and Skript, will be launched with four tailor-made #lovingStellenbosch videos depicting the various marketing pillars as the foundation to expose the magic of what Stellenbosch has to offer to the global visitor. All traditional and social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube – as well as an extensive PR and promotional strategy, will be utilised during the next ten months.

Key messaging of the new #lovingStellenbosch campaign

“Many other places can be admired for their natural beauty, monuments, cultures, lifestyle experiences and institutions. However, it’s Stellenbosch’s rich legacy of diverse experiences, emotions, memories, nostalgia, and stories that must be lived or experienced to be treasured, to inspire and to be projected to others!”

The campaign was launched on 7 September 2017 with the first of four videos with Stellenbosch as a ‘Magnificent Quality Destination’ as the theme. Discover/experience/diversity/astounding as the key campaign pillar words will cover local aspects such as food and wine, the café culture and relaxed lifestyle, art and architecture, and icons. The video will focus on how the inhabitants and visitors experience and live the town and what they consider as the magic of Stellenbosch.


“We are very enthusiastic about the new #lovingStellenbosch campaign and believe that this initiative will motivate both local inhabitants and visitors to connect with one another as they share why they love the experience - whether it be of a fleeting nature or a way of life. The campaign will recognise the rich cultural heritage of the locals and their contribution in making Stellenbosch the most inspiring and innovative town in South Africa,” says Annemarie Ferns, CEO of Stellenbosch 360.

The new #lovingStellenbosch campaign with its emotional and nostalgic content will run in addition to the well-established #visitStellenbosch hashtag.