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Oomph! successfully pioneers cutting-edge technology for campaign reporting

The Oomph! team recently secured a prestigious contract with a FMCG company in the Tobacco category. One aspect of the brief included conducting a six-month mystery shopper campaign, in order to provide insights into their retail market's mind set in the South African Township market.
  • The campaign required mystery shoppers to visit predetermined outlets and rate each outlet according to defined criteria.
  • An instant real-time reporting system including photographs and reports was piloted for this project.
  • Using the latest innovation in mobile data capturing software Oomph! was able to replace the tedious paper-based methods with real-time field-data, photographs and GPS tagging from iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smart phones.
  • This instant reporting mechanic ensured that all issues were immediately detected and challenges were resolved immediately.
  • The innovative digitisation method makes this type of reporting more efficient and accountable, as well as reduces lead times for campaign reports.
  • Instant data acquisition means fast turnaround times for the Client Service team to deliver reports resulting in an ecstatic Brand Team.
  • The project has been rolled out to our offices in Mauritius, Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia. With other countries to follow.
OOMPH! provides more oomph for your brand

Their integrated service offering ensures that Oomph! is perfectly positioned and expertly equipped to deliver an all-in-one Activation and Experiential Marketing solution. The team has extensive experience in the industry and are equipped with a comprehensive and specialist knowledge of the markets they operate within. Strong networks and solid relationships with service providers across the continent give Oomph! access to the expertise needed to execute successful campaigns, from concept to execution, with absolute precision.

Oomph! is a dynamic, multi-faceted company. Each department comprises capable, motivated teams of dedicated individuals who are committed to deliver excellence to all clients.

The Oomph! national infrastructure and international network, gives the company a unique ability to cater to all brands on a national and international scale. No African market is beyond Oomph's reach. Their passion for experiential marketing guarantees that brands interact with consumers in an authentic and customised fashion.

The talented Oomph! teams work hard to take brands to greater prominence and new frontiers.

Oomph! is a proud partner of the Africa Media Warehouse group of companies.

Oomph! has a solid reputation and actively operates in the following regions:
  • Southern Africa
  • East Africa
  • Parts of West Africa
  • Parts of North Africa

Countries where campaigns can be activated:

South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Namibia, Mauritius, Swaziland, Lesotho, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Tailor-made Activation Campaigns

Oomph! will fashion a brand experience to make it feel cutting-edge whilst evoking a sense of nostalgia and stirring a memory.

The Oomph! team has 12 years of solid working experience in activations and experiential marketing covering African markets from LSM1 to LSM10. Strategists work hand-in-hand with creative teams to design campaign solutions that propel both new and established brands to distinction within markets.

Made to Measure

  • Activations are a custom-made hybrid of all the Oomph! expertise and resources.
  • Oomph! has the capacity to access creative solutions that fit marketing objectives.

Oomph! Africa's press office

Oomph! Africa
Oomph! Africa are activation and experiential marketing specialists. We have access to South African and African markets and bring brands to life by creating award-winning experiences.