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How mobile marketing software will improve your promotions business

You know how it is, Monday comes around - you have been on and off the phone all weekend with your brand ambassadors with your "WhatsApp" groups trying to make sense of all the queries flooding in from your activation.

If you had a marketing system using the Surveway software, these issues would go away.

We are able to give you a “check in” for all your staff, this shows which promoter checked in, at what time and their GPS co-ordinates. They can upload a photo of their set-up and themselves to ensure you know they are correctly dressed and set up. We are also able to send out every 10 minutes and update of the “check-ins” – this now really keeps you on top of your game.

The promoter can take photos with our mobile system, videos and answer any question you may need quality feedback on within the “feedback” part of the survey. When all is done, there is a “check out” – you can get a signature on line from the store manager, and even get his comments. There are safety measures built into the system, such as GPS co-ordinates to confirm their whereabouts and other measures to ensure there are no loop holes for the promoter to change to their own liking.

With this system, you will receive reports in the form of a csv file, access to the back end, your own dashboard to create charts and graphs and have your reports ready for your client days before you normally would do, and with more accurate information.

Get rid of your head-ache and change to a mobile solution.

Drop me a mail: or call on +2711 367 0608 for a demo for your specific business.

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