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Experiential - the target-market triumph

When the top-level mandate is to build a relationship between the consumer and the brand, not every experiential agency can reflect penetration and awareness through close on a million samples. It takes a tangible strategy that comes to life in relevant ways for the consumer. The importance of a well-oiled machine cannot be overstated - cue experiential marketing leaders, Mo-Tseleng.

A refined USP: "Your Ace taste, the way your family likes it, in less time!"

The challenge? Communicate that:
  • Your expertise and experience in cooking pap the way your mother taught you and the way your family likes it, means you can serve that same great Ace taste, in minutes, together with Ace Quick-cook.
  • You will have saved yourself time and money everyday
  • You will have extra time to use as you choose, making you a truly modern African home-maker, wife and mother
  • So you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, without compromise
With a refined unique selling point - the product has as much goodness but cooks better, faster and saves you time - you face the challenge of a learning barrier for a market that isn't inclined to an easy switch. But achieving success in a conversion-from-trial campaign is a language Mo-Tseleng speaks. "Seeing, tasting, testing and believing in value is a real-life experience," says Athy le Roux, CEO of Mo-Tseleng Experiential Marketing. "That's where we come in!"

The campaign's vast media reach saw it exemplified on radio, community radio, community TV, community print, outdoor and taxi TV that leveraged synergised messaging to consumers at churches, mall activations, commuter platforms and through a true target-market triumph - a Choral Competition.

How it came to life:

  • A caterers competition launched across regional and direct recruitment and through a radio campaign inviting active caterers within the core target community to enter with their Quick Cooking Ace Super Maize Meal in each of their three courses.
  • A massive product demonstration campaign with church groups throughout the region comprising 14% of the samples platform.
  • A choir competition driven through church groups for which a unique Ace Quick Cook song was written inviting church groups to apply their own interpretation to the lyrics. The choir competition was driven using regional radio stations as a platform which both raised awareness and generated support for the choirs.
  • Regional free sheets as well as the distribution of broadsheet newspapers - "The Ace Quick cook news" - were used to disseminate information on the product and promotional activity.
  • Soweto TV used as a platform to drive awareness of the proposition as well as to showcase the finalists of the choir competition and provide a platform for promoting the winning.
  • Sampling and demonstration at high density commuter areas as well as in-store.
  • Leveraging credibility with well-known Editor and Chef Dorah Sithole who assisted with the catering competition to create a range of recipes that showcased the versatility of new Quick cooking Ace Super Maize meal.
Collectively, Mo-Tseleng rolled-out a whopping 810 activations for a total sampling reach of 915,000 people. Targeting the trade via 30 branded vendors and five malls, entrant caterers would be selected by 15,000 consumers who voted for a winner across relevant media channels (taxi TV, Soweto TV and community newspapers) to become a celebrity cook in her own right. Gcina Mkhwanazi, 31, of Dieplkloof Soweto was awarded first prize - exemplifying the reach of the campaign and how it connects with its market.

"We aren't just in business for the billing," says Athy. "There are a number of careers out there for those who are. We care a lot more than that - about the individuals whose lives can be improved with the products they can afford and what they are left with in their bank accounts after all their purchases are done. So we make sure we know the very intimate sensitivities of the market's dynamics - because of who we are speaking to. Sure, there are people who want to know about a five-star fashion sale or what gadget you can get with your bank account, but there is also a whole world of people out there who need a completely different bang for their buck. We're here because we know how to talk to them."

For serious experiential marketing solutions, talk to Mo-Tseleng. With close on two decades' experience, Mo-Tseleng thrives in the field of experiential marketing with a vast national infrastructure that has sustained its success by mirroring the changes in marketing within a Southern African context.

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Mo-Tseleng is an experiential marketing weighted agency. Mo-Tseleng has had over 14 years of expertise in the field of experiential marketing and has a vast national infrastructure of operational personnel.