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"Just Chill" in Cape Town with Super M and 7 Different Kinds of Smoke

The Super M flavoured milk brand is all about enjoying the moments between the madness. It's about forgetting your hectic life for just a few minutes, taking it easy... and Just Chilling.
Super M wanted to bring this positioning to life in a unique way that also worked alongside its recent retail push in the Western Cape during the holiday season.

Collaborating with creative agency 7 Different Kinds of Smoke (7DKS), twenty branded Super M tuk tuks were soon whizzing around Cape Town, giving people free rides! The tuk tuk element was an extension of a broader radio campaign that will see four lucky Super M drinkers win an all expenses paid trip to Spring Break in Mexico.

7DKS Managing Director Ryan Van Jaarsveld says: "Our philosophy is to create immersive transmedia campaigns. These create a platform that allow consumers to experience the brand in a way that adds value - and that can't just be switched off or tuned out. Instead of merely telling people that Super M is all about the moments between the madness, we created a campaign that physically delivered that moment between the madness."

The Super M campaign used radio to share the experience beyond the interiors and exteriors of the tuk tuks themselves and to drive product consumption through a live broadcast promotion. Every few hours a Good Hope FM DJ called one of the twenty drivers live on air and if the passenger in the vehicle had a Super M with them, they won an instant R5,000.

7DKS Account Director Mathew Devine, who managed the campaign, said: "A big part of our philosophy centres around creating campaigns that set up and link channels to ownable assets which the target market can interact with. Super M's fleet of twenty branded Tuk Tuks, linked to live radio and a usage-driving promo, is a good example of that. I mean, the consumers were literally sitting inside the campaign platform taking 'selfies'... it doesn't get any more immersive than that!"

The tuk tuks are part of the Monarch Tuksi company fleet, and the demand for free rides during the campaign far exceeded their expectations. The Monarch Tuksi booking system almost collapsed due to increased demand within the first few hours of the campaign.

The campaign was also given a viral push on social media, with "free rides Tuksi CPT" getting huge coverage on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and various travel blogs - news which peaked's interest enough to do a piece on it.

Posted on 19 Mar 2014 11:08

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