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Print still powerful in marketing mix in 2013 says Colourtone Aries

In today's world of brand communications, print remains one of the most powerful elements involved in the marketing mix. Printing and packaging powerhouse, Colourtone Aries believes that print is not only the most consistent method used for the dissemination of product and service information, but also one that is still on a significant upward trend in marketing and brand communication, despite the growing online trend.
Colourtone Aries sales and marketing team leader, Ryan Bywater, says, "End users' buying decisions are based on accurate and reliable information. Marketers understand the importance of visual reference and place significant emphasis on print in all aspects of marketing. Consumers rely on packaging, point-of-sale material, posters, flyers, brochures and a myriad other marketing materials to provide them with the right information to make informed buying decisions. Getting this right in the marketing mix is critical in the race for brand loyalty."

Colourtone Aries has seen considerably more attention being paid to printed detail over the last five years. This could be attributed to the Consumer Protection Act, which has changed the way marketers inform consumers but, generally, marketers agree that while the Act has an influence, giving the consumer the right information has been a focus of brand management for many years. With the onset of a technological revolution and a new digital way of communicating with consumers, getting it wrong could add unnecessary challenges.

Ryan says that it is not just the printed detail that is in the spotlight, but the quality and sustainability of print in a digital age that becomes a key success factor for brands. "Consumers engage with brands and demand that unique brand experience," he says, "This experience is not only the benefits of the product, but the journey from the purchasing decision through to delivery, the unwrapping of the packaging and holding the product in their hands, almost in triumph."

It is true to say that a common element in a consumer's brand interaction, is printing. In a retail environment, competition for consumer attention is fierce and marketers need to be aggressive in the application of marketing material to ensure their brand is constantly in the spotlight. Printing is everywhere and it touches everything.

Ryan points out that as we move into 2013 and beyond, the focus is shifting to super-efficiency, sustainability and delivery. "Key to this is consumer demand, from a brand delivery perspective as well as its impact on the environment. From a print and packaging viewpoint, solutions need to fit in with the brand's extension and deliver on its promise."

Colourtone Aries can be contacted on 021 929 6700, or visit


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