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Great outdoor + worthy causes = viral

One of Guerrilla IMC's latest projects has not only dispelled the myth about 'drivers' right' boards being less impactful than 'drivers' left' but has also highlighted the need for "Outdoor specific creative".
Recently Guerrilla IMC took one of its social responsibility projects onto the streets. In the past the company had held regular clean-up sessions at some of their outdoor sites which are plagued by illegal dumping and casual littering. But by using unsold inventory Guerrilla was able to share their message with the local community.

What happened next was completely unexpected...

General members of the public were stopping to take photographs of the site to share with their friends and family; a few of these images made their way into the social media platforms. The message has gone viral reaching thousands of people, all thanks to a billboard on Beyers Naude Drive outside the Cresta Shopping mall, in Gauteng.

"Subsequent to the billboard going viral we were approached by the organisers of the Earth dance festival asking if they could use our creative at the event in Cape Town. Guerrilla jumped at the opportunity to have a cause close to our heart get spread even further."

Since its inception in 1997, Earthdance has been held annually in over 500 locations in 80 countries with all events simultaneously joining together in the Prayer for Peace - a powerful moment of coherent intention. Each public Earthdance event commits 50% of its profits to a charity addressing peace, sustainability, or social justice.

"What this has proved to us, is that a traditional 'B' side sites on the driver's right are extremely effective and that perhaps traditional thinking regarding 'B' sides is junk science. With the right message and creative you will reach your target market and get noticed. Granted this message appeals to a broad spectrum of people, however the message needed to be seen in the first place to make them stop their vehicles, take a picture and then share it...Thus perhaps media buyers should take each site into account for its own merits instead of ignoring powerful outdoor sites and putting them into a box based on industry 'logic'. Every outdoor site is unique and applying broad brushed criteria to all sites is misguided, additionally following this logic may be an opportunity lost to snap up an incredible site at 'B' side rates for one's client.

Interestingly this billboard is Guerrilla's smallest and least impactful site, but is clearly effective, one can only imagine what could be achieved on one of our mega format wraps," says Matthew Palmer Director of advanced Assault Ops @ Guerrilla IMC.

As one of the major elements to any successful advertising campaign, Outdoor should be used so much more effectively than it currently is. Far too often clients opt for the easy package deal, with mass produced creative often being a converted 'print ad'. However with a little time and effort specific creative executions designed for a specific location would be far more effective. In a similar vein many amazing sites are often overlooked due to the perception of them being less desirable than a site positioned on the left hand side of the road or on a highway.

Perhaps the success of this small anti-litter campaign will help encourage clients and agencies to consider a few of the outdoor advertising opportunities available to them.

If you are interested in knowing more about this anti-litter campaign or seeing more of Guerrilla IMC's portfolio of sites contact or 082 854 7709

Guerrilla IMC's press office

Guerrilla IMC
Guerrilla IMC specialises in Out-of-Home Media platforms. Over the last 4 years the company has evolved into a media space innovator with a niche and ever growing outdoor holding.