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BizTrends 2018

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Continental Outdoor digitises the roads of Africa!

There's a digital buzz on the roads of Africa. Continental Outdoor has commenced with its roll-out of Digital Roadside billboards in Zambia, soon to be followed by Tanzania and five other sub-Saharan countries!
The roadside digital billboards provide brands with heightened exposure and elevate their stature beyond the traditional messaging style into the new age of digital. The digital billboards allow speedy turn-around for messaging or content changes all driven from the digital hub at Continental Outdoors' Head Office.

Continental Outdoor Media, which operates in 14 African countries, is leading the DOOH development into Africa. It has successfully built a comprehensive network of digital formats in key commuter and consumer hotspots on the roadside, in pubs and restaurants, malls, airports, medical suites and the Gautrain in South Africa. These networks are being rolled out into Africa in 2014 and will inject the OOH sector and relevant adspend in Africa with a renewed vigour. This exponential growth in Digital OOH (DOOH) will be spurred on by increased economic confidence in Africa, and will continue to drive the OOH growth for many years.

Adelaide McKelvey, Managing Director of Continental Outdoors' Rest of Africa division, adds, "More and more roadside, transit areas, malls and lifestyle environments are becoming areas where marketers are able to begin, or continue, their conversations with their consumers. Media planners need to place their brand in the media flow, ensuring that relevant messages are placed in the customer path to purchase. We encourage marketers to engineer strategic, location-based impacts throughout the consumers' day and lifestyle, ensuring that they are guided through the brand experience in a relevant and meaningful manner.

"Africa has taken its place within the world as a driver of innovation and will leap-frog many other emerging markets with technological OOH formats providing state of the art media opportunities for our clients," continues McKelvey.

Click here to view just one of the Roadside Digital billboards, situated at Manda Hill, Lusaka: