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First anniversary of Project Lumen launch

Issued by: Scaff-Tech | 13 Mar 2014 10:10
The 19th of March marks the first-year anniversary of the launch of Project Lumen in Johannesburg - the world's largest LED (Light Emitting Diode) display by ABSA/Barclays.
Project Lumen - ABSA, Johannesburg
Scaff-Tech, contracted to Tiber Bonvec Construction, is proud to be associated with this world-first project featuring the most advanced LED technology used on this scale.

Our rope access teams were responsible for the installation of 2880 x LED screens supplied by Barco (Kortrisk, Belguim) resulting in a mammoth display crowning the 29-story ABSA Tower in Johannesburg.

The dimensions of each façade are an imposing 38 metres long x 17 metres high, presenting full colour messaging visible from kilometers away. 720 of Barco LiveDot TF-20 tiles were installed onto each of the four façades completing the wrap-around display. The LED tiles are configured with brightness optimising features for both day and night display and are rated IP 65 for outdoor use.

Scaff-Tech crews assembled the LED tiles over a period of between 15 and 20 days per facade. In total, an impressive 70,000 accident-free working at height man-hours were recorded on the Lumen project.

The ABSA Lumen project was designed and executed by the Herring Media Group (Glastonbury, Connecticut) for Barclays/ABSA.

A year after its inception, Project Lumen stands proud against the Johannesburg skyline - a world-class landmark on the vibrant African continent.


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