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Avbob generates more leads using Red Cherry Media's Spot On and Wotz Up TV brands

Avbob have been working with Red Cherry Media since 2006 with the sole objective of maximising leads!
From the first TV campaign ever done, Avbob saw an increase in leads (three times more), just by incorporating Red Cherry's Interactive brands, namely Spot On (SABC TV and Radio) and Wotz Up (eTV), within their TV campaigns.

The Spot On and Wotz Up brands increase noting by up to 60% (as proven by Adtrack - Millward Brown research study), this combined with our interactive formula including an sms number, results in the increase in leads.

Red Cherry Media monitor the leads across several other mediums for Avbob as the same sms short code with a 'keyword' per medium is used. The leads go straight to the Avbob call centre in 'real time'.

Natasha - Business Unit Director at The Agency, says, "The Red Cherry interactive brands have proven to be an invaluable tool in respect of generating and tracking leads for the Avbob call centre. Over the years, our partnership with the Red Cherry team has evolved and has grown from strength to strength. This partnership has enabled us to deliver insurmountable added value and measurable return-on-investment for our Client, Avbob."

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