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Seven years in - a snazzy new seven-part set

Hectic Nine-9, the daily, live, interactive magazine show for teens proudly broadcasted live from their brand new studios on 3 February 2014.
Seven years in - a snazzy new seven-part set - Okuhle Media

Built by Hn9's production house, Okuhle Media, the studio complex is the first (and currently only) permanent, HD, live broadcast television studio in Cape Town. Okuhle Studios offers ample space for the action-packed, high-energy content that Hectic Nine-9 delivers on a daily basis.

Now in its seventh year on television, Hectic Nine-9 is still providing an hour of entertainment like no other and is one of the most interactive and progressive shows on SA's TV screens when it comes to current affairs, trends and technology. Now, the show has been given a further boost with a state-of-the-art new studio space.

Series Producer, Wilna van Schalkwyk, said, "The fans remain the driving force behind the growth of Hectic Nine-9 and the new studio provides us with a way to reward them with an even richer, more memorable viewing experience."

Seven years in - a snazzy new seven-part set - Okuhle Media

Bigger and bolder than previous Hn9 studios, the new set design features loads of space for the hottest South African talent to perform, dance, and walk on stilts - yes, pretty much anything goes. Of course, for the hundreds of kids that filter in and out of the studio for Hn9's popular talk shows and gaming segments, there is now more space to breathe and truly soak up the live TV experience.

Notable additions to the new set, as opposed to previous versions, are a funky chill-out zone, a techno area for online interaction with fans, a dedicated DJ box (every Friday, Hectic Nine-9 celebrates their Music Fridays, featuring their own hype DJ of the month) and a ready-for-anything DIY area. The contrast of the tough DIY section with the polish of the fully decked-out kitchen is symbolic of what makes Hectic Nine-9 intrinsically appealing - this is a show for everyone from the glam squad to the millions of ordinary South African kids who need to be equipped with basic life skills.

Hn9's visual trademark, the red leather couch for guest interviews, remains at the centre of the set - only this time, it's (almost) swallowed up by the brightest, loudest version yet of the iconic Hn9 'explosion', this time adorned with 3D-effect shapes and plenty of eye-catching lighting.

The movable stage area and enhanced lighting mean that live performances - a favourite with the viewers - boast a significantly more engaging mood. Of course, for the seven studio presenters, the studio serves to maximise their ultimate aim: to entertain, guide, grow with and serve as a friendly companion to our millions of loyal viewers each day.

Catch Hectic Nine-9, weekdays, on SABC 2 at 16h00.


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Okuhle Media
Okuhle Media is a cross-media television production company that uses marketing and strategic insight to create relevant and viable television, video, marketing and digital content for local and international markets.
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