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Celebrating Madiba's legacy

UCKG's men's march pays tribute to Nelson Mandela, celebrating his life and honouring his legacy

On Saturday 7 December 2013, the leadership and members of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG)'s men's group, IntelliMen Project and the Youth Power Group, marched from the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit in Plein Street, through the streets of Johannesburg honouring Nelson Mandela's life.
The group paused during the march outside the Carlton Centre and observed a minute of silence. During this time the passers-by, the traffic and even a police vehicle with its siren blaring, stilled and joined the powerful moment of respect. The marchers then continued their celebration of Madiba's inspirational life, waving rainbow nation flags and singing emotionally poignant songs.

Paying tribute to the legendary leader by using a quotation from a letter he wrote to his wife Winnie Mandela from Robben Island in February 1975: "Difficulties break some men but make others", the men once again committed themselves "to making a difference because they are different".

Speaking before the march, Bishop Marcelo Pires, responsible for the evangelical outreach work in South Africa, encouraged men to see the parallel between Mandela's life and that of Moses whose calling it was to deliver the children of Israel to the Promised Land. When he died, before taking possession of the land, the leadership and responsibility was passed to Joshua. Mandela's life work was committed to freeing people from the apartheid regime and delivering the first democratic South Africa in 1994. Now that this icon has left us, life carries on and people need to be brave and courageous while they mourn his loss and celebrate his life.

Bishop Marcelo said: "One of the great lessons we can learn from his life is that he chose to forgive." When Mandela was released from prison many people were seeking revenge for the injustices of the past, but Mandela led by example, dispelling the anger and bringing peace. Bishop Marcelo encouraged everyone to live Mandela's legacy by embracing his principles saying: "See others as Mandela saw people, not in terms of race, religion, culture or language, but as people of God."

Hamba kakuhle, Madiba.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God's press office

Brandt Hardin
Mandela’s life was the embodiment of the human spirit. His energy will uplift every corner of the globe which battles for equal rights for its citizens. Hopefully we may do his legacy justice by starting at home and empowering our citizens once again. I was compelled to pay homage to Nelson Mandela with my art by creating a portrait of the world leader In Memoriam at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2013/12/in-memoriam-nelson-mandela.html Drop by and let us know how his strength has inspired you!
Posted on 11 Dec 2013 04:20
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