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#CSIMonth: Nedbank takes holistic approach to building and supporting effective schools

Nedbank recently launched a new Schools Healthy Lifestyle Programme, offered in partnership with Colgate, Futurelife, the ICRD Group Foundation and KwaZulu-Natal Departments of Education and Health. The programme, with funding of R500,000 from Nedbank, aims to promote healthier lifestyles among South Africa's youth, particularly within the school environment.
It will cover physical, nutrition, dental and mental health components and, in addition to direct health and wellness interventions with learners, will include ongoing guidance for schools and educators, as well as curriculum-aligned lesson plans and tools that teachers can include in their regular teaching programmes.

Lindiwe Temba, Nedbank executive head of corporate social investment, at the launch of the Schools Healthy Lifestyle Programme at Saphinda Primary School.

We interviewed Lindiwe Temba, executive head of corporate social investment at Nedbank, to find out more about the programme, how it ensures its CSI initiatives are sustainable, and how its sustainability strategy is communicated with all its relevant stakeholders.

BizcommunityHow does Nedbank's new Schools Healthy Lifestyle Programme fit into its overall CSI strategy?

Lindiwe Temba: The School Healthy Lifestyle programme fits squarely into our education strategy of building and supporting effective schools. Our holistic approach to schools and education is not just about the academics, but the overall health and welfare of the child, which will inevitably result in better performance in the classroom.

BizcommunityAre Nedbank employees encouraged to get involved in its CSI activities? If yes, how do you motivate participation?

Temba: Nedbank’s volunteerism programme has made an impact in communities and, as such, we encourage all staff members to continue to be part of this enabling journey aimed at empowering and developing our communities. We encourage staff to support and drive initiatives that will have an impactful engagement with our communities that will lead to sustainable outcomes and long-term value through various programmes:

Local Hero Programme:

The Local Hero Programme is aimed at supporting staff members who are making a difference in their communities through selflessly giving of their time, expertise and resources to support worthwhile community initiatives. A donation of R15,000 is made towards a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) where a staff member has been volunteering for a minimum of six months.

Team Challenge Programme:

This is a staff volunteer programme that allows staff members to form teams with colleagues to selflessly give of their time and expertise in support of a variety of non-profit organisations that they feel passionate about. Through the Team Challenge, staff members are given the opportunity and financial support to volunteer at charity organisations that are close to their hearts. The Nedbank Foundation makes R5,000 seed funding available to every team to help them get their projects off the ground. The Team Challenge is a 10-month challenge which runs from January to October annually.

Nedbank Payroll Giving

It is an easy and regulated way for staff members to contribute towards uplifting communities. An agreed amount is deducted monthly from staff salary and donated to various non-profit organisations.

Dental clinic for Nedbank Healthy Lifestyle Programme

BizcommunityHow does Nedbank ensure its CSI initiatives are sustainable?

Temba: Sustainability is key in all the projects or programmes that the bank supports. The identification or crafting of a project considers firstly what outcomes Nedbank wants to achieve and once these outcomes are achieved, how can they be sustained. Our new monitoring and evaluation framework and tools is key to achieving the sustainability of the projects. The amount of time that the bank is involved in a project also plays a significant role on sustainability, the bank plans to be in an initiative for at least three years minimum.

BizcommunityHow important is authenticity and transparency in the CSI space in South Africa?

Temba: Authenticity and transparency within the CSI space is very important, we need to be authentic in our intentions to do good in our communities and society as a whole - it’s about impact in the community.

BizcommunityNedbank has a very comprehensive sustainability strategy in place - how is this simplified in order to be communicated at all levels of the company and with all its stakeholders?

Temba: At Nedbank, we use both internal and external communication programmes to engage and influence our stakeholders around our sustainability strategy. We use our internal communication tools such as our website and apps to influence staff behaviour so they can better manage their environmental impacts.

We use various media platforms to share our expert knowledge with public stakeholders through thought leadership pieces and a combination of sustainability publications such as the Nedbank Smart Living Guide, Nedbank Carbon Footprinting and the Nedbank Biodiversity Guide. The intent of these tools is to share practical tips and provide guidance about living and working in ways that lessen their impact on our country's scarce resources and help them live smarter.

The Nedbank Sustainability Review, which is made available to the public each year, also offers detailed insights into the way in which Nedbank continues to entrench its leadership position through its delivery of lasting positive impacts around social, economic and environmental sustainability. The Sustainability Review demonstrates to stakeholders the value that is unlocked through the three-pronged sustainability approach that combines a commitment to sustainable products and services, managing our own impact through operations, and partnering with like-minded organisations and initiatives.

Nedbank Mobile Clinic

BizcommunityWhat is Nedbank doing for Mandela Day this year, and what do you think is the significance of Mandela Day in 2017?

Temba: Mandela Day is far more than just about doing 67 minutes of good, but also seeks to bring about sustainable social change in the lives of our people. As part of Nedbank’s response to contributing to a thriving society and delivering value to our community, the bank is calling on staff to be active citizens and roll up their sleeves to empower organisations through skills-based volunteerism. In encouraging skills-based volunteerism, we launched a campaign where staff could tell us how they would be using their skills to make a difference and the top projects would be awarded funding.

Nedbank chief executive Mike Brown will be going to Orange Farm for the house build taking place between 17 and 21 July. He will be there on 18 July, helping to build houses. We will be building eight houses in total with Old Mutual and Old Mutual Insure. Nedbank will be building two of the eight houses.

At Nedbank, we believe that social responsibility is everyone’s responsibility, as such, Nedbank grants all permanent employees two full days of leave – over and above annual leave – for volunteer work.

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