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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 95: Times Press Challenge & Agency Focus with Future-Collective

On the last Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show we chatted to John Sanei (@IamJohnSanei), CEO of Future-Collective, The Amplification Bureau (@FC_Bureau), about the agency, the departments and the team involved.
We also spoke to Mandy Phiri, Times Media Sector & Trade Marketing Manager about the Time Press Challenge. We find out more challenge as well as the winning ad.

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In studio on Thursday 26 June we hosted John Sanei, CEO of Future Collective, The Amplification Bureau.

BizcommunityWhat exactly is Future-Collective?

John Sanei: Well we feel that consumers are changing, we call them the hyper informed consumers. And because consumers have changed, we believe that the new type of agency is required to keep up. So about six months ago, we merged a trend curation, business innovation and ad agency. The three businesses came together and we realised that the skill sets that we had combined, created a much more holistic approach in making sure businesses were real-time relevant. So we feel the advertising model is great, but still very one-dimensional. We feel trends are exciting on there own, but very difficult to adapt, and business innovation, without those two, are very singular. So we kind of have a smartphone when you put it all together.

BizcommunityWhat's next for Future-Collective?

John Sanei: So we are opening an office in Joburg, we need to be a national company to be working with national brands. We are only six months old, the experience we have between us is 30 years plus, but in the six months we have already made networks into upcountry clients. So next is focusing on reaching out to as many CEO's who want to rejuvenate, refresh and grow their businesses. Also anyone who is working with mergers and acquisitions because we find that mergers and acquisitions are a difficult place for culture. We get juiced by Exco's and seeing the way they change.

Check out Future Collective here:

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Via telephone we hosted Mandy Phiri, Times Media Sector & Trade Marketing Manager:

BizcommunityWhat exactly is the The Times Media Press Challenge?

Mandy Phiri: The challenge has just concluded and this is its second year, it started last year as we were the classical newspaper ad sponsor for The Leories. What we decided was to challenge creative agencies and to relook at press ads in a fresh light. Our consideration of what creative ads look like in newspapers. All finalists also get an entry into The Loeries, and we incentivised that the agency teams would also win vouchers by interacting with newspapers.

BizcommunityWhat was the response from the agencies?

Mandy Phiri: The agencies responded fantastically, we had 15 agencies last year, with some very big names. This year we managed to get into many more agencies to promote the campaign this year and had a total of 24 agencies participate this time round.

Get all the other information from from The Time Media Press Challenge and the winners details by listening to this week's podcast.

Check out the adverts that were submitted for the Press Challenge here:

The news roundup covered:

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Episode 95: The Times Press Challenge & Agency Focus with Future-Collective

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