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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 90: Rich Simmonds, Loeries African Roadshow & POPI

On the Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show we chatted to Rich Simmonds (@richsimmondsZA) about his new book, Mug & Tweet (@mugandtweet), which was launched in Cape Town on 20 May 2014. We find out more about the book, all about social communication in the digital age.
We then spoke to Loeries (@loeries) CEO, Andrew Human, about the recent Loeries Africa Roadshow, which visited Dar es Salaam, Lagos, Nairobi and finally Accra over the last two months.

Then lastly we take a closer look at POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) and the impact of social media in South Africa. We chatted to Craig Rodney (@craigrodney), Managing Director for Cerebra (@cerebra) to find out more.

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In studio on Thursday 22 May we hosted Professional speaker, trainer, mentor and leading social influencer, Rich Simmonds to find out more about his new book, Mug & Tweet.

BizcommunityWhat was your inspiration for the book Mug & Tweet?

Rich Simmonds: We dish up some of the oldest communication concepts, but in a disruptive way and the whole idea was to give a book that is going to disrupt your thinking as opposed to confirm you ideas.

BizcommunityWhy the name Mug & Tweet?

Rich Simmonds: Well there is a mug on the cover, and tweeting is important - but it is more about that open network, which is what the tweet is. So let's get into open communication and networks.

On the telephone on Thursday 22 May we hosted Loeries CEO, Andrew Human, about the recent Loeries Africa Roadshow.

BizcommunityIs this the first road trip in Africa for the Loeries?

Andrew Human: We have been into Kenya before, but this has been an expansion of the trip into more countries seeing five cities across the continent.

BizcommunityHow has the reception in Africa been for the Loeries?

Andrew Human: Overall the whole trip was very positive, massive amounts of enthusiasm from the agencies in the various countries. Loeries has a very good reputation across the continent. People want a way to measure themselves and that is why we have
awards. To give people goals, measures and standards is a message that came from the trip. People want to be measured against others and not work in isolation.

Get all the Loeries info here:

Also on the phone we had a very a interesting discussion with Craig Rodney, Managing Director for Cerebra to take a closer look at POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) and the impact of social media in South Africa.

BizcommunityWhat exactly is POPI

Craig Rodney: So POPI is the protection of personal information act, and is a piece of literature, which is at government and hasn't been passed yet, but in the final stages. Designed to protect everyone's personal information, so companies cant abuse your personal information. Personal information is a highly trade-able commodity and is now being regulated and protected.

BizcommunityIs POPI a good thing for the marketing world?

Craig Rodney: POPI Is a very good thing for the marketing world. It is going to force companies to legitimise the information they collect, retain and use. The reality is that marketing is not about only the number of people I can reach without caring about the consumer. Marketing is about selling and if you want to sell you need to care about the consumer.

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Episode 90: Rich Simmonds' new book, Loeries African Roadshow and POPI

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