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[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 89: Net Prophet and Legacy Collection with Greater Than PR

Last week on the Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show we chatted to Galia Kerbel, Partner at Greater Than PR (@greaterthanPR) about their collaboration with Made (@made_agency) which won a silver award at the recent PRISM Awards 2014 (@theprismawards) for campaign of the year - SportingbetSA's #BeTheStud.
We then focus on Greater Than PR's latest client, The Legacy Collection, and chat to designer Charmaine Taylor (@legacycollexion) about a range of jewellery created from the Robben Island Prison fence and inspired by the hard fought freedom of a nation.

Then later in the show we look at the Net Prophet (@netprophetlive) event happening in Cape Town next week 21 May. We chat to organiser and MD of RSAWEB (@RSAWEB), Rob Gilmour (@robgilmour) to find out more about the event, the speakers and what to expect.

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In studio on Thursday 15 May we hosted Galia Kerbel, Partner at Greater Than PR and Charmaine Taylor from The Legacy Collection.

BizcommunityWhat was the campaign that won the Silver Award for the PRISM this year?

Galia Kerbel: We created the campaign, #bethestud for our client, SportingbetSA, which is the largest South African online sports betting book. We had the challenge of creating awareness and driving the target audience to their platforms. To place bets, specifically around the Durban July. All this had to be done and had to cut through the Durban July clutter. And we did this by being creative to get the results the client wanted. The first twitter powered horse race in SA. We focused on the weeks leading up to the Durban July, instead of at the event.

BizcommunityHow do you win a twitter horse race?

Galia Kerbel: We brought on board 10 social media influencers and sporting personalities and each of them was their own jockey with their own horse and could choose their own horse name and hashtag. Simply the more the horse and jockey was tweeted about and the hashtag appeared, the closer they would get to the finish line. There were various steps leading up to the major twitter race.

Check out Greater Than PR here:

BizcommunityWhat exactly is the legacy collection?

Charmaine Taylor: Basically it is jewellery and artwork made from the original fence from Robben Island.

BizcommunityWhat was the inspiration for the range?

Charmaine Taylor: I find the beauty in how the material was found, the thing that once held people prisoner is actually taken down and taken apart. I find beauty in the rust and the scars and I put the jewellery together before I encase it in silver and gold, and you can still see the texture of the original fence. It's about what we have overcome and are overcoming as a country. I have named the pieces mercy, grace, freewill, naming the range after what we as a country have overcome.

See the legacy collection here:

Listen to the podcast to hear the rest of the interview.

Also in studio on Thursday 15 May we hosted Rob Gilmour, MD of RSAWEB and event organiser for the Net Prophet event happening in Cape Town next week 21 May.

BizcommunityWhat exactly is Net Prophet?

Rob Gilmour: It's our 6th event, Net prophet is a conference for entrepreneurs and innovators. What we do is get some leading thinkers in the space and invite people to come and listen to their stories and hear what they have to say. Really it's a conference for people who want to do something. You are going hear from guys who have done it and are doing it.

BizcommunityHow do you choose your speakers for Net Prophet?

Rob Gilmour: It's always a difficult thing, but with a stage of this side, just being able to speak and the ability to pull it off is key, but also who is topical. Basically guys who are interesting and topical at the time.

Find out more about Net Prophet here:

Get all the other questions, answers and more by listening to this week's podcast.

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Episode 89: Net Prophet and Legacy Collection with Greater Than PR

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