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#BrandManagerMonth: How the Fieldspace brand stays ahead of the game

Deborah Aremband and Ricky Tomaselli are the marketing managers behind the Fieldspace Property Group brand.
Deborah Aremband and Ricky Tomaselli, Fieldspace's marketing team
Their combined wide-ranging skillset provides the expertise necessary to drive the company’s strategic marketing objectives with a lateral-thinking approach. Complementing each other perfectly, Tomaselli takes brand concepts “from mild to wild”, while Aremband has a more conservative approach. We chatted to them both to find out more about the Fieldspace brand, what they love about it and any plans they have on building the brand going forward.

BizcommunityCould you describe for us the Fieldspace brand's personality?

Ricky Tomaselli: Fieldspace’s brand is fearlessly innovative, lateral thinking and approachable.

BizcommunityWhat do you love most about working with the Fieldspace brand?

Deborah Aremband: I love that we’re small and agile which allows us to implement great ideas efficiently and without bureaucracy. It also allows us to be approachable and develop strong relationships with our clients.

BizcommunityHow does a brand like Fieldspace keep up with the rapid pace of evolving technologies?

Tomaselli: We are a leader in innovation in the property industry. In today’s fast-paced world you have to stay ahead of the game and we pride ourselves on our ability to be at the cutting edge. Amongst other initiatives, we recently launched a broker tool that uses the latest virtual reality technology to assist prospective tenants in imagining the potential of an empty/vacant space. It’s incredibly user-friendly and we offer it at no cost.

BizcommunityTell us about a typical day in your line of work. What does it entail and what are some of the highlights?

Aremband: I spend quite a lot of time on content i.e. newsletters, client communication, blogging and other social media posting. I love brainstorming with Ricky and our CEO Scott Field and deciding on ‘our next move’. Then there’s also the fun little tasks like compiling welcome and thank you gifts, planning branded merchandise and managing sponsorships.

BizcommunityHow do you plan on building on the Fieldspace brand going forward?

Tomaselli: Our focus areas for this year are; positioning Fieldspace as an innovator and building and maintaining strong relationships with property brokers and our tenants. We’ve already got off to a great start with initiatives that drive these themes and we’re looking forward to building on that strong foundation.

BizcommunityWhat does brand management mean to you?

Aremband: Brand management is the positioning of a company’s image to the public. Showing the public what the company is about and what it stands for.

BizcommunityWhat's on your wishlist for brand objectives for 2017?

Tomaselli: Getting to know our tenants and brokers better, and getting the word out about our new virtual reality tool, because I know once they try it, they’ll be hooked!

BizcommunityWhat brand marketing campaign have you noticed and been impressed by recently/ever?

Aremband: The protection ad by Nivea:

I love this ad because it shows that Nivea, a company who one wouldn’t expect to be technologically innovative, thought laterally and decided to help potential customers with no strings attached. Using the double meaning of the word ‘protection’, they added value to people’s lives in a very practical, innovative way using modern technology, therefore positioning their brand as caring and adding value for the greater good. Since viewing that campaign, I consider Nivea a responsible citizen, which is difficult for a brand to achieve through advertising.

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