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How to fill the extra space, once you've upscaled

Once you've moved into a larger home, the empty space can seem daunting. Here's what to do with your newly acquired extra space.
You outgrew your small home and your growing family needed more space so you bought a bigger house and moved in. Once you had unpacked, you realised that you don't have enough to fill your new space. Your first instinct may be to run out and buy new pieces to fill the space, but before you do, here are a few tips for decorating your new home.

Only buy when you can

Keep in mind that there's no rush to buy décor items to fill up your new home. Move in and make do with what you have, until you're financially ready to invest in a few items for your home. Even if this means buying one thing at a time and spacing out your purchases. It's best to work within your means and not rush to get your entire house looking perfect soon after moving in, as this may result in you getting into more debt.

Invest in a sectional couch

A sectional couch will do wonders to fill the space in your lounge area. These couches often have expansion pieces that you can buy later, if you need more couch space. Sectional couches are great pieces to invest in, as they are one of the most used items in the home and will be around for many years. It's worth spending a bit more on something like this, rather than other décor items. An L-shaped couch with a coffee table is a good use of space and the coffee table can sit in the middle of the L. Your side chairs or coffee table can be great statement pieces, if you wish to create a contemporary style in your home.

Give it room to breathe

Your furniture arrangement can go a long way towards making certain areas of your home look complete. Make sure your furniture and larger décor items don't sit flush against the walls of the room. Leave a space around these items, so that the total amount of space within the room is diminished. Switch up your décor placement and try different ways of arranging each room to see which works best. For example: switching your couch and coffee table to a different angle could give your room either more or less space.

Stick to small space habits

You've lived without the extra space for a while, so it makes sense to continue with the same habits that you used in your smaller home. This will make the transition easier and you will accumulate less unnecessary items in your new home. Continuing to have the same organisation as you did in your smaller home will give you extra room in your new home and help you settle in. As you continue with similar routines and ways of doing things, you can figure out what you need to add to your home to fill the space, as you go along.

Focus on one space at a time

The lounge and the kitchen are two of the most-used areas in the home and would be the best to start with, when it comes to filling space and adding décor. Once you have the financial means, take a look at these areas and figure out where you can add furniture or functional décor items to fill up space. Tackle one room at a time, and move onto the bedrooms once the popular areas of the home have been decorated.

Moving into a bigger space may seem like a daunting task, however focusing on one area at a time and taking it step by step will give you more time to make each room perfect, and the task at hand will be more enjoyable.

Soon your new home will be full of life and the whole family can enjoy the extra space, as it becomes your happy place.

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Mark Sindone
I personally don't think that you are required to fill in space if you don't want to! Why not just have a bit of empty space in your house, or learn to spread out what you have so that you have more of one type of living area? I wouldn't want anybody to be obligated to spend money just because there's an empty spot in the living room...
Posted on 31 Oct 2018 06:34