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Mamelani Projects receives support through Movember campaign

Mamelani, a registered non-profit organisation whose purpose is to enable women, youth and children to grow as people and reach their dreams, received the support of Dean Horwitz, community operations manager for the Democratic Alliance (DA). Horwitz is growing his moustache this November to help Mamelani grow.
This is part of an international Movember campaign, that sees men growing their moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

At the end of September, Horwitz approached Mamelani saying he wanted to use the campaign to raise awareness and much needed funds for the organisation. "I am participating in Movember because I believe that in order for one to make a difference one should actively participate in the process," he said.

"By growing my mustache I am actively participating in making the world around me a better place. I chose Mamelani because I was fascinated by their work, dedication and passion, and especially by the inspiring work they do with young people. One of my passions is helping young people who have not been as fortunate as I have been to succeed in life."

Instant adults

Mamelani's Youth Development programme works specifically with youth who have come out of children's homes to make a success of their lives. At 18 when these young people have to leave care, they are expected to become instant adults, able to meet all their own needs. In reality, they require support to navigate this transitional time - and this is where Mamelani fits in.

All the young people who come through the programme are supported along their journey in completing their education, gaining access to skills training as well as work opportunities. Key to this process is the work Mamelani does to build their sense of self worth, improve relationships, and create networks of support around these young people.

Dealing with feelings

Luvuyo is one of the graduates of the programme. He participated in the transitional support programme and after a successful internship, he has been employed by Knead Bakery, where he has been working for over a year now. When asked about what he valued about the programme, he shared: "It offers me the skills to deal with my feelings. It gives me the opportunity to express and share my emotions with guys who have the same struggles. I enjoy coming to these sessions and being heard and supported by the group."
All the funds raised through this campaign will go towards Mamelani's Youth Development programme. Last year's campaign raised R50 000 through a combined TASHtober and Movember campaign, so Mamelani is hoping that the R25 000 target will be reached by the end of the November.

Go to for more information and to make a donation.