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Kelly appoints new managing director

Recently appointed managing director of Kelly, Graham Bentley is not a new face on the business scene. As the co-founder of IT recruitment firm, Paracon, Bentley has made his mark on the South African corporate landscape. Now, Bentley is once again being charged with what he does best - making recruitment profitable and growing the bottom line.
Having taken a sabbatical to reconnect with his family, Bentley is enthusiastic about getting back in the business scene and flexing his strategic knowledge in a company that requires refocusing. "Kelly as a brand continues to be strong and the brand equity and culture is still alive and well. In addition to this, there is a strong and robust infrastructure still very much in place. For these reasons, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that if we concentrate on the right area.

The right areas Bentley cites as sales and client service as opposed to an inward administrative focus. "My core focus going forward will certainly be to streamline service delivery, inject a strategic sales focus back into the organisation and ensure the existing back office function supports our branch and sales network."

New legislation will create opportunities

On the future of recruitment in South Africa, Bentley is bullish. "Recruitment is always going to be around. While the proposed changes to legislation and the review of labour broking are proving to be challenging, this will allow the more credible businesses to survive." He believes that the shifts in legislation are going to bring some important changes to the industry at large. Once the necessary controls have been put in place, there can be no doubt that this will create opportunities for service providers going forward.

While Bentley is undeniably a people's person, he is also a talented businessman who understands that members of staff who are remunerated well, are happier and better performers in the workplace. "The bottom line is that my business ethos is to go out there and make as much profit as possible, so that we can share it with our staff, our commitments to our shareholders notwithstanding."

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