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Unique new support for high school maths from Ivy Academy

The core ingredient in breaching the economic division that plagues our nation as a whole is through taking drastic measures to enhance the quality of education for all South Africans. Unfortunately, we are not witnessing fast enough progress and it is time for us as corporates and community builders to do something constructive to aid school leavers. Eli Katz of Ivy Academy has been working on establishing a programme to do just that. Twenty-three years into democracy the youth falling within the lower LSM are still battling to secure a valuable education, and they are being made to believe that their tuition will suffice. Katz's programme will provide value to (specifically) maths learners.
Eli Katz
Katz says that, “We may or may not agree with the reliability of the research, however, the world economic forum released a terrifying report that in terms of maths and science quality in South Africa are ranked last out of 148 countries. Yes, the 2016 Matric pass rate is 72.5%, which is an improvement from the 70.7% pass rate in 2015. However, we need to take cognisance of the percentage of our youth dropping-out on the way. If we take the 2014 Matric class as a case study there were 550,000 students who matriculated, however, 12 years prior 1.1 million students commenced Grade 1.” Katz therefore wishes to address the gap that causes the ‘the missing half-a-million students’. “This,” he says, “emphasises the urgency for change. Schools want to produce results and are therefore, which often leads to saying goodbye to those who are challenged with learning difficulties. Ivy wants to keep these learners in the school system until they graduate successfully!”

As most academics will agree, maths is a vital skill. Math skills provides a learner with many life skills such as the ability to use logical thought, formulate a problem in a way which allows for computation and decision, make deductions from assumption and use advanced concepts.

IVY Academy believes in the potential of the youth of our nation and we are passionate in presenting them with the opportunity to blossom. Katz says, “We have devoted many resources in researching how we could support Grade 11 and 12 students around the country. We are proud to launch a new programme where students are able to use WhatsApp and Facebook, or email our quality academic team with any query that they may have."

Katz continues that the academic maths team will provide the students with a detailed solution to the question and will be able to ascertain from the students working the cause of the learner’s weaknesses. The Ivy expert team will then provide the learner with all the pre-requisite knowledge required, coupled with diagnostics, in order to ensure that the student eventually has an in depth understanding of that particular topic. Ivy believes that through this programme they can contribute to improving maths skills. Students will be required to pay a monthly fee and students are invited to apply for a bursary. For more information call or WhatsApp 082 893 6092.

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