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SABC: To serve the public, or the state?

NEWSWATCH: An editorial in Times Live poses the question as to whether the SABC is a public or state broadcaster, while Khadija Patel, writing in the Daily Maverick reckons the ANC needs to do some serious work on its media relations. Finally, after about five years of waiting, the final regulations on digital terrestrial television migration will be published today, reports Mail & Guardian.

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  • Times Live: Public broadcaster or state broadcaster? SABC must tell us... It's a fair question, but a great many people will probably reckon it's rhetorical. They will point to many accusations, from many quarters, of what the complainants view as biased reporting, political interference and poor reporting on the part of the SABC.

    Then they will suggest that given the above-mentioned claims of bias etc, which have been reinforced in recent days by the canning of a fish-and-chips advert, a talk show and then an interview with Zapiro, that it's as plain as the nose on your face that the SABC - well, its management, anyway - feels a need to serve the dominant faction of the government on the day... every day.

    Your thoughts?

  • Daily Maverick: Fear and loathing: ANC electoral commission and the media... In short... how not to run a press conference, and even shorter...In the view of Khadija Patel (and her view is very likely shared by many others in the media), the ANC needs to do some serious work on their media relations.

    Perhaps they could start with a dedicated media room, far from the madding crowd?

  • Mail & Guardian: Final digital terrestrial TV regulations are here... It's been a long wait, but it's reported that the regulations will be published today.

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