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Avusa Media LIVE up for seven digital publishing awards

The announcement was made recently that AML was selected to compete in seven categories of the Bookmarks 2012. The recognition is notable given that nominations were achieved in half the categories entered, all tied in to strategic areas where the publishing house has grown in the last year.
The AML publishing operation has undergone a transformation in recent times based on business fundamentals. It has then taken those and represented digital opportunities in an organisation and industry still dominated by large print titles.

The nominations were achieved in:

Core Awards - Social, Community and PR - Social Media Properties

Sowetan LIVE

Craft Awards - Editorial (Media - News, Magazines, Radio, and TV Stations/Networks)

Sowetan LIVE
Sport LIVE

Individual and Team Awards - Best Editorial Team

Sowetan LIVE with Sunday World - Juliette Saunders, Genevieve Kgafe, Karen

Individual and Team Awards - Best Digital Advertising Sales Team

Avusa Media LIVE Sales Team

Individual and Team Awards - Best Digital Editorial Individual

Times LIVE - Reuben Goldberg

Special Honours - Best Publishing House

"We wish our nominees and competitors the best for the upcoming awards," says Derek Abdinor, General Manager of AML. "The nominations speak to our principles: strong in sales, quality in our editorial product and overall management of a digital publishing business. It has also highlighted where we can improve, which we're always grateful for."


Times Media LIVE's press office

Times Media LIVE
Times Media LIVE is the digital division within Times Media that represents the digital brands and publishing concerns of the Media business, including Times LIVE, Sowetan LIVE and Sunday World.