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Jet Black Camaro's online album launch

Influenced by the sounds of America's Deep South, Jet Black Camaro have released their first eponymous album, which is available for online download for one week.
Somewhere between a swampy shack, a river baptism and a dirty truck stop, between the chorals of a gospel choir, the lamentations of a hard-working tenant farmer and the curses of a cottonmouth viper, the music of Jet Black Camaro was born. Inspired by the soul and soil of the Deep South and, in particular, their own "Southern" roots, five guys came together for the ride - each bringing his own selections of rock, soul, blues and gospel to fuel their journey into the unknown.

In the first two weeks of April 2012, Jet Black Camaro recorded their eponymous debut album with producer and musician Jo Ellis at BlooRoom studio in Ladismith in the Western Cape. Opting to record live, JBC wanted to capture all the idiosyncrasies of that which is the blues. The challenge was to record 14 tracks in nine days.

Southern flavour, texture and atmosphere

The band decided to record their debut album in Ladismith and not in their home town as they felt the setting for the recording process had to have the same kind of Southern flavour, texture and atmosphere as the songs on the album.

The album boasts a few special moments. Having to drive 14 hours to Ladismith took effect on the band when the track 14 Hours happened in studio. Some preparation, no practice, one take. What was the outcome of the track's recording might be considered as something that you find within the dark night of your soul.

For one week only, all 14 tracks will be available for free download on

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