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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Jeff Dunham's controlled chaos

There is something incredibly odd about watching something on YouTube for hours on end and then actually seeing it live. I say odd, but what I mean is absolutely amazing! Jeff Dunham started his career when he was just a youngster and first appeared with Walter in 1996, but his major success came when he brought Achmed, The Dead Terrorist into the mix. His television specials and series have been the highest rating programmes in Comedy Central's history.
Before introducing us to his group of friends, Jeff chats to the audience about his family, climbing up Table Mountain (who does that?) and scaring dogs. He is not only an amazing ventriloquist, but also an excellent comedian.

Something new

We got to meet grumpy old Walter, who reminds everyone of someone that they know; Achmed, The Dead Terrorist, who brings something completely new to the stage this time (hint - blonde wig and pink dress); Peanut who we all know and love; the redneck Babba J; and, of course, Jose Jalepeno on a stick. But there is someone new this time - Jeff has now introduced little Jeff to his collection.

There is a point within the show at which one has to consciously remember that Jeff is making the characters speak. With each character having its own little quirks and comments, as well as the way that Jeff reacts to them, you begin to forget that they aren't speaking by themselves. I will have to admit that he does tell some incredibly rude jokes and the show is not for the faint hearted. Some jokes do get close to the edge of being too offensive, but the audience seemed to trust that he wouldn't take it too far.

Strict age restriction

The age restriction is 16; they won't let anyone under that age in even if you have already purchased tickets. Unfortunately all tickets for Durban are sold out, but there has been shows added at the Sun City Superbowl on 9 June and Carnival City (Arena) on 17 June, so get your tickets before they're all gone. (You may be lucky to find a friend selling one, but I highly doubt it.) This is definitely a show you don't want to miss out on.