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Sanlam's Sky solutions driven by Oomph!

Activation experts, Oomph! Africa who has delivered consistently for giant brands like Liquifruit, Nokia, Frisco, Philips, Axe, Mcel amongst an impressive list of other multi-national blue chip companies recently added another success to its already long list of achievements.
Together with integrated marketing agency Prima, Oomph! successfully conducted and implemented a 12-week, seven-city roadshow for Sanlam which has had a huge impact on the brand and seemingly, the insurance industry at large.

The travelling cavalcade who reached in excess of 50 000 consumers formed part of Sanlam's campaign to educate consumers on its latest products and services whilst not only diffusing the always skeptical views of the public about the industry, but by interacting with them on every level. The interactive elements created by Oomph! Contributed toward social development (local volunteers were employed to work on the day), it provided cultural enrichment and social cohesion through all the leisure activities that were on offer and local vendors and talent were supported for entertainment on the day. Crowds were educated, informed and entertained and communities were uplifted through little deeds that made a big difference.

Oomph! Africa was enlisted by Sanlam to create an enabling environment for clients to reach their aspirations and financial goals and to ensure that visitors were not only educated, but afforded an opportunity to participate in something new that will enrich and enhance their lives.

"The project definitely enhanced civic pride and participation in community life" said Rory Brien, Managing Director of Oomph! Africa, "the team provided a fun day out in areas where little social interaction happens. Communities could listen to other people's stories of success and be inspired. An emotional connection to the brand was core to the campaign, one which Oomph! implemented effectively" .

Yes, Experiential Marketing has indeed become somewhat of a buzzword, more so over the last few years where brands are realizing that along with the advertising, marketing and the social media mix, it is essential to bring your brand to life, to let people experience it in their own way - Oomph! does this; we create the platform for your consumer to EXPERIENCE your brand!

"Consumers, regardless of the walks of life they hail from need to understand products intimately before making a purchasing decision; the trust factor is a huge consideration and the national roadshow enabled a personal connection with the Sanlam brand and the audience it was targeting for this product" said Brien

This audience got to feel the Brand, its unique product offering and the lifestyle the Brand represents in a fun, engaging and unobtrusive manner

Earlier this year Sanlam certainly lived up to its strapline by not only giving another major brand a bit of a nudge, but also took an award for 'Always Thinking Ahead'. Teaming up with another award winning company for seamless execution, Oomph! and Sanlam made sure consumers experienced both brands at their best .

Until the next experience, get some Oomph!

Oomph! Africa's press office

Oomph! Africa
Oomph! Africa are activation and experiential marketing specialists. We have access to South African and African markets and bring brands to life by creating award-winning experiences.