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Marketing company news

Printing will not die, says Colourtone Aries

There seems to be a misconception that traditional commercial printing is on the verge of extinction. Not so, says Colourtone Aries. Printing has evolved and remains a critical element in the marketing mix.
A range of creative marketing pieces, point of sale items, brochures, flyers, magazines and packaging to name a few are, in fact, as popular as ever. "Some items perhaps even more popular than before," says Colourtone Aries' sales and marketing team leader, Ryan Bywater. "A brand's interaction with the consumer is, and will always remain, tangible, either in the initial contact or when receiving a product. Even with the steep upward trend of the digital platform, the market is still reliant on printed communication, marketing and packaging, which adds to the consumer's brand experience and the print process is an integral part of the success of branding."

Marketing elements are still very much alive. Brochures, flyers, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, greeting cards and a range of posters and other point of sale elements are seen everywhere, every day. From a packaging perspective, the print process in some form or the other touches everything we purchase today and will still purchase in the future.

Ryan continues, "Printing is taken for granted, reinforcing its critical role in the marketing process. A relatively small item used extensively in business throughout the world is the business card. Even with the advances made in digital technology, this small item continues to be a part of business culture all over and an essential item in every briefcase. This is just one item and is simple proof that printing will still be a part of business into the future and beyond."

Let's look further. Many people today collect or store items of interest. In most cases this is some form of printed item: a photograph, an advert, a letter, a newspaper or magazine article or even a whole magazine collection, certificates, greeting cards and not to mention newsletters and especially coupons. The list is endless and in probably nearly every case, printing is a part of the end product.

Ryan says that what will change is the way printing is done. "Printers are continually looking at more responsible printing techniques that take into their account carbon footprints. Recycling is under the spotlight and gaining momentum across the world. Environment friendly solutions are becoming more important and are driving printing alternatives, technology and materials used in the printing process. But, one thing is certain, the emphasis on printing is still very much alive and a part of our lives. It's is not going away, it never will."

Colourtone Aries can be contacted on 021 929 6700, or visit


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Colourtone Aries
We are what you are looking for! We are what you need! We are the answer for all your PRINT needs. We are...Colourtone Aries. The complete package!
Palesa Motsomi
"Digital is just another tool, not the only tool!"

Well said. I say paper might even be precious in decades to come but it will remain even longer after we've forgotten most. The safest spot on all universe!

In that said, "SAVE THE TREE! Recycle paper"!!
Posted on 12 Nov 2012 15:58
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