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Kelly's Revenge is H.O.T.

Fabulous mom, CSI supporter, Blue Moon Executive Events Producer and red-hot chilli maker, Kelly McGillivray takes multi-tasking to a new level. Her iconic brand of chilli, Kelly's Revenge, has tongues wagging - and blistering if you're not careful! As part of a series of features on Blue Mooners making their mark outside the business, we sat Kelly down for five minutes and got this exclusive interview with her.

When did Kelly's Revenge begin?

About eight years ago I started making chilli for the office, but officially Kelly's Revenge has been selling for a year and a half.

What inspired you to make the chilli and name it such?

My daughter's godmother used to make awesome chilli but she refused to give me the recipe, so I made up my own... I guess I got my revenge! I am quite feisty, so the name is apt.

Who designed your fabulous logo?

Bradley Kirshenbaum of LoveJozi fame - an exceptional designer who captured the essence of me (and the chilli) so well.

We've heard that all good food needs salt and love, would you agree?

Definitely! Plus passion, a dash of revenge and a goal.

What is the best compliment you've had about your chilli?

I've had phone calls from Durban asking if I can ship some down to Mrs Pillay, as her family is addicted! It's been hidden in luggage and sent to Canada and New York. A gentleman from the UK made a special trip to Market on Main to find me, just for my chilli! I've also heard: "It's the best we've ever had" and "Can't live without it!"

How do you market your product?

I've started a Facebook page, with recipes, interesting chilli facts and updates on where to find Kelly's Revenge. (

Are your Blue Moon colleagues big Revenge supporters?

Yes, the Blue Mooners are my Number 1 Fans! Charlotte is addicted, Viv has it with breakfast, and Mia loves it, to name a few. Before meals people ask: "Where's Kelly's?" and then they have to fetch it from the fridge. I've also started getting corporate orders, which is great. I can do large batches and rebrand to suit the client.

How do you manage work, your CSI involvement and running a small business plus family, animals, etc, etc?

I work six days a week, so I am in bed as early as possible and so are the five cats, two dogs, two parrots and two kids! My sanity time is when I do Kung Fu on a Monday and a Wednesday, and I can release all the tension from the week. I try to make Saturdays "sacred" and get chores done as quickly as possible.

We hear rumours of Thailand?

My goal with the profits from the chilli sales is to take my two beautiful children to Thailand in June/July 2013, so hopefully with more big corporate orders or being in some retail stores we'll reach our goal.

Is having a vision important to you?

Yes. I wasted years not knowing where I was going or what I was doing. It's catch-up time now, and I think it's very important to teach my kids that you can achieve anything if you want it enough and put your mind to it!

Where do you see your chilli in five years' time? Eaten by Brad and Angelina?

I want to be in at least 10 retail stores and employ previously disadvantaged people and give them a hand. Not Brangelina, but Somizi and Loyiso.

That's even better!

Contact Kelly and get your Revenge on: 082 351 9225 or .

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