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The time for mobile marketing is now!

It's time to tap into the power of mobile to grow your brand, increase sales and engage with your customers through the most personal of all communication mediums. Integrating mobile marketing into your overall marketing mix can't be ignored any longer.
Attend this one-day seminar on 6 November 2012 in Johannesburg, and you'll discover the practical tools and tactics that will help you understand how to effectively integrate mobile and utilise this powerful marketing tool to grow your brand and business.

Speakers will address topics such as:
  • Selecting the best platform for your mobile marketing campaign
  • Mobi - the right way to do it
  • Using mobile to build relationships with low-income consumers & running mobile competitions properly
  • Mobile marketing & legislation: Privacy, competitions and other legal challenges
  • Executing strong mobile campaigns using the Digital Engagement Model
  • Ster-Kinekor case study

How to select the best platform for your mobile marketing campaign
Fiona Potgieter, MD,

Yonder media

The key in determining which platforms work best for various objectives in mobile marketing is to understand what technology your target audience has access to and to then unravel the opportunities that will work best for your target market based on the technology that they use most often.
  • SA mobile landscape
  • SA access to technology and handset breakdown by income group
  • Exploring the marketing options and making the optimal decision to reach your desired audience
  • Case studies

    Mobile marketing - best techniques to build relationships with low-income consumers
    Candice Goodman, Managing Director, Mobitainment and Vice-Chairman:

    Mobile Marketing Association of SA

    How to romance the low-income consumer into a relationship with your brand through:
  • running mobile marketing competitions properly
  • integrating into traditional media such as TV, radio and print
  • using celebrity marketing effectively
    All explained through International Award-winning South African case studies, such as the MMA 2011 Award-winning Best Mobile Campaign in Relationship Building -

    AVBOB Funeral Service.

    Mobilising in Africa, taking Ster-Kinekor to the masses
    Fiaz Mahomed, CEO, Ster-Kinekor & Tim Bishop, CTO & Founder,

    Prezence Digital

    With the diverse range of handsets in South Africa, how do you launch a mobile strategy to reach everyone? SA is a mobi-first country but there is the right way to do it and many other mobile opportunities to help reach your market
  • Mobi - it is a lot more powerful than you think, and the masses are using it - what you can do.
  • Considerations in taking your brand into the mobile space and how to do it extremely well!
  • Ster-Kinekor case study: the M-Commerce pioneers. How we did it, why we did it and how well it is paying off.
  • The glitz, glamour and the sleeping giants... bolstering your rollout with apps, AR, QR and USSD for the masses.

    Executing strong mobile marketing campaigns using the Digital Engagement Model
    Angus Robinson, Director: mobile, content and community divisions,


    In this session Angus will discuss the Digital Engagement Model and explore how applying this will assist marketers in 'thinking digital' during:
  • the ideation process
  • campaign design and development
  • integration with ATL campaigns
  • customer experience and product development
  • media and context planning

    Mobile marketing & legislation: Privacy, competitions and other legal challenges
    Paul Jacobson, Web and Digital Media Lawyer,


    Mobile marketing has tremendous potential in a mobile-centric market. At the same time, there is a plethora of legislation designed to better protect consumers' rights and, in particular, their personal information. More responsible and compliant marketing in this new legal environment is challenging and is increasingly essential.
  • Privacy and mobile marketing
  • Protection of Personal Information Act: the new sheriff in town
  • Responsibly processing consumers' personal information
  • What could possibly go wrong?

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    R4 675 (incl. VAT)
    The above registration fee includes lunch, refreshments, parking and seminar material.

  • Register three delegates and the fourth delegate attends FREE of charge!
  • Special discount for registered NPOs, small businesses (30 or less employees) and full-time lecturers at universities/colleges/schools - contact us for more information!

    The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel Sandton

    MORE INFORMATION, contact Maureen du Toit: /083 226 6657 or full programme

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