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Four principles for success as a modern marketer

Capturing the hearts (and pockets) of the modern consumer is no easy feat. Marketing is becoming ever more complex, and the marketing professional needs to have an integrated approach, combining various skills to attract, engage and convince their target audience.
This is now most commonly achieved through adopting content marketing as a technique. Part art, part science - the modern marketer needs to understand the following for success:

1. Live by content and copywriting

We know that "content is king". The modern marketer has to be a strong copywriter. Whether you choose to specialise or generalise in your marketing career, you will be required to produce a certain amount of copy, and need to be able to strongly position the brand you're working on. Great copy needs to be accompanied by eye-catching headlines that communicate exactly how the reader will benefit, should create a connection and trust with consumers, be evidence-based, use simple language, and have a definitive call to action. And, the modern marketer needs to understand the fine balance between hard-sell copywriting for advertising, and soft-sell copywriting for valuable and engaging content creation. You need to produce copy that is grammatically correct, creative, concise and persuasive, appropriate to the platform to which it will be published and distributed and the target audience who will receive it.

2. SEO is the online content marketers H2O

Having brilliant content is not a guarantee that consumers will engage with it. If your content is good, but you are not able to direct traffic to it, it is ineffective. According to Google's Zero Moment of Truth study, modern consumers reference 10.4 sources of information before making a buying decision. Marketers need to make sure that their information is the one that consumers are referencing. How? Your brand needs to pop up tops in a Google search. Understanding how people search, and creating your marketing material with this in mind is essential. SEO isn't just about driving traffic, at its core it's about creating a cohesive and concrete online presence.

3. Understand and engage social

For content marketing to reach its full potential, marketers need to use an integrated marketing strategy, of which social media is a vital part. By creating instantly shareable and visual content, marketers can increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty and advocacy, and conversions. When engaging with your consumers on social media, think outside of the box, be transparent and responsive, and engage with your consumers on a one-on-one basis.

4. Relationships are key

To be a successful marketer, you need to have excellent public relations skills. You'll interact with clients, team members, bloggers, customers, media representatives and other key players- building your own personal brand, and the brand you market. Modern consumers are extremely outspoken, voicing their opinions easily on various platforms, and being able to manage your brand's reputation in the public space is everything.

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